Yoga 2 Pro won’t wake after using Power Button as suspend

So I‘ve gotten hold of a broken Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro which was stuck in the reboot loop (Keyboard lights on off but no boot). The mainboard got replaced and it started working right away. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 and everything was perfectly fine until I had to shutdown the laptop in a hurry and just pushed the power on button till it fell asleep. Little did I know that the machine wouldn’t wake up from that state anymore. I tried everything (60sec power button press/take out battery/cmos reset/replacement psu ) but I couldn’t get it to start again. So after a couple of days I undid every cable and every connection, took the ram out etc. but still to no avail. After putting it back together and trying the 30sec power button reset for the 100th time it suddenly started working again. Until today when I pushed the **bleep** power button again…is there some kind of reset option I am missing. This is driving me nuts…the charge light is Amber and turns white when the charger is in. The power button lights up (among with the white charging light) but after I take the charger out but the pc won’t turn on. Please help me! I’ve managed to get it running from this state two times by taking it apart and putting it back together but I couldn’t figure out the pattern…

Upgrading RAM Ideapad L340

I just got an IdeaPad L340 17.3 inch.  I am looking into upgrading to 16gb RAM, but can’t find compatible meemory, does it matter on brand?

T495 – SCCM Fails to Pre-Provision bitlocker – Win32_TPM no instance found

When trying to test the new T495 we are failing when the task sequence attempts to  setup bitlocker onto the drive it cannot find the Active/enabled TPM 2.0 chip on the system.  When we look at the error it reports no Win32_TPM instance found.


Machine is on latest BIOS update that was released on the 26th.  I tried before and after the udpate.  I have ran through different BIOS settings to see if its bad selection choice.  Nothing seems to work.


Hello Team,


I have purcahsed Lenevo Ideapad S540.

in this laptop i got 8Gb of DDR 4 RAM 2400 MHZ.

i want to update 16 GB Ram.

Can you please help me this laptop support Max 16 GB or 32 GB ram.

Please check and revert back



Devesh Sahu

X1Y3 new bios 1.36 solved TB3 dock/port UCM-UCSI ACPI con/discon issue

Thanks Lenovo


Cia Han

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