X1 Yoga Gen 4 Ethernet Adaptor USB C Blocker

So I think I shouldn’t have bothered buying the specific ethernet adaptor for the X1 Yag Gen 4 as it means you can’t use the USB C port next to it!


If you want your laptop plugged in and use the bespoke ethernet port then you will have no USB-C ports… That’s pretty rubbish.


Don’t really want to carry around one of the large docks…


Is there another sensible alternative other than just using a USB Ethernet adaptor to free up the USB port?


A hub with charging passthrough?

Lenovo Yoga S730-IWL – One of the USB-C/Thuderbolt ports does not work anymore

Hello, after one week of use, one of the USB-C / ThunderBolt ports no longer works.

I just updated all the drivers and do a windows update.


How to solve problem?


Thx a lot for your feedbacks

Expanding RAM in a C30 – Not Boot


My first post on this forum, so please be gental with me!

I’ve recently purchased a C30 Type 1136 with 2 x E5-2609 V2 CPUs and originally 4 x 4GB memory modules.

I recently purchased anothe 4 x 4GB memory modules, of the same type, to fully populate all 8 slots with 4GB modules.

All the RAMs are 4GB 1RX8 PC3L-12800E-11-12-D1.

After much testing, with any combination of any four RAM modules populating DIMM slots 1 & 2 on both CPUs, all is well.

Therefore I can assume that all 8 modules are ok.

However, if I fit all 8 modules, the PC will not boot – nothing.

After much playing, I found that if I populate all memory slots, apart from CPU 1 DIMM 4 – then the machine will boot and recognises 28GB of RAM.

The spare RAM module I had left over from this combination I swappped with another to prove that it wasn’t the module. This proved ok.

If I fill all the DIMM slots apart from CPU DIMM 4 – again it will not boot.

It looks as though the fault lies with CPU1 DIMM slot 4 for some reason…. unless I am missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help you can share!




Y520-15IKBN charging LED is blinking

Y520-15IKBN charging LED is blinking when i plug in the charger.. it tells me in the task bar that it is plugged in and charging but the led is blinking once every 4 seconds when the charger is plugged in but when it is removed the LED is off.

Any help is highly appreciated 😀

Legion T530-28ICB replacing Power Supply

I am going to be replacing my 450W Fully Modular Power Supply here shortly so that my gaming PC can run a bit smoother with higher end Ram. I am just wanting to make sure that the power supply below would work with my Gaming PC. If anyone could help me it would truly help me out thanks!!

TT Smart Pro RGB 750w Fully Modular Power PSU 80 Plus Bronze Certified Riing 14 RGB Fan

Model: PS-SPR-0750FPCBUS-R

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