Thinkstation D30 mobo Error 00

Hey guys


So I bought this mobo like a year ago with an e5-2640 and a cooler for a whopping €80. I instantly bought a 2nd one and due to real life and all it was basically laying on a shelf. So yesterday I tried to boot it, I’ve seen it boot last year. I only get this error 00. Tried both cpu’s no change. Brand new gtx 1050. PSU should be ok since it came from a fx 9590 rig that worked fine yesterday. Even with no ram (tried hyperx fury and some non brand ddr3) it only gives that error. Also tried clearing the cmos but no result…


Currently trying with a 2 molex to 8pin cpu and the cpu power to the gpu bottom right to see if that changes anything…


Also whenever I turn on the psu the mobo just starts…


Any thoughts? I wanted to use this as a streaming rig but am really thinking abiut just selling it… Those cpu’s cost €90 again and that’s more than I paid for it. Don’t really see the point in getting a 2 socket board if I can get an i7-6700k and maximus mobo for less than that mobo…


Thanks in advance!

310-15ABR – Windows 10 – Boot menu only, no options functional

I’ve tried working on this for a while and no amount of Google is helping. This happened suddenly. When I start up the laptop, I’ll get the Lenovo start up image, then the boot menu (pic attached). That is it. I can’t select anything except the diagnostic splash or if I try selecting App menu > 1. setup, it reboots again to the exact same place, nothing different. I had the laptop less than 6 months and this happened 6 months ago. I hate having a $400 coaster. Help? (Any suggestions to use Windows buttons or go to managers, etc, will not work. I cannot get into Windows. Just this screen.) 

ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen2 – Screen resolution issues and issues creating new folder on network storage

I have two annoying issues with my new ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Model: 20JB001DGE, running Windows 10 Pro, Build: 1709; 16299.371):


When trying to create a new folder on a network share on my Synology NAS I get the error message:

If I click ‘Try Again’ the message remains. When ‘Cancel’ is clicked I got the new folder with the default name ‘New Folder’.
Sometimes this also happens when renaming a folder or file.
The only way to get rid of it, is restarting the tablet.

I have already been in contact with the Synology Support. They checked the NAS, which seems to be okay. This can be confirmed by using another Windows tablet with the same Win 10 build, which can access the NAS shares and create folder without any issues.

I also contacted the Microsoft Support.
They adviced me to disable all non-Windows services and all auto start items.
I uninstalled my Antivirus and Firewall-Tool Avast Premier, using Windows Defender only now.
We also tried out different SMB configurations. (activating SMB v1 only on both NAS an PC vs. SMB v2/3, which is the recommended and more secure configuration.)
Nothing of this helped so far.The tablet is connected to the DVI port of a monitor via the USB 3 Ultra Dock.
Every once in a while some items are displayed larger than normal or seem blurred, for example when opening windows explorer.

This screenshot should illustrate the difference. On the left is the normal view, while the right one coincides with blurred view of windows explorer items or fonts in documents.


The issue appears after starting Windows and can be resolved by signing out and signing in again.


Any idea what I can do?

Can I use my P50 Laptop as an external monitor?

I’m thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi, but I don’t have a monitor I can use.  Is it possible to connect it to the HDMI port on my P50 laptop, and use the laptop as a monitor?  I’ve seen this done on Apple computers, and it seems like it should work here too.

Lenovo Y720 Screen color calibration


I have a laptop lenovo Y720

I used Photoshop
But I have a problem with the colors in this laptop
When I design the pictures and open them in another device I find that the colors are very different, I tried a lot of attempts but unfortunately did not come up with a solution.
I hope that you will help me adjust the color of the device.
Note that I used more than one program and the same problem, which means that the problem is not limited to Alfotoshob, but the problem in the system or device, so the system needs to adjust and calibration

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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