Thinkpad Yoga s1 artist friendly pen alternatives?

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I have a Thinkpad Yoga S1 that I intend to use as my mobile workstation for freelance art/graphic design, but the pen that comes with it is a pain to use. I’ve been told that I’m not stuck with using this one stylus for my work, but I have no idea what compatible pens are out there. Lenovo themselves say the Thinkpad Pen Pro should work and as far as Wacom is concerned such a pen doesn’t exist.


Do I have other options? If someone could point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it.

Legion Y720 WiFi problems

Greetings. I got my Legion Y720-15IKB Laptop – Type 80VR – Model 80VR00H6RI about a year ago. I have windows 10 and the WiFi was working correctly but the last 3-4 months I got better performance through a wifi adapter. Now I wanted to test the speed of my internet speed and the results are really bad. With the adapter, I get 8-10ms latency, 45-55 Mbps download and 20-22 Mbps upload speed.

With the built-in Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 I get like 50ms latency, 1!!! Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speed.

I have the newest drivers installed. Any ideas what causes this problem?



New Install of Integrator 5.4 not pinging

I am having trouble with a new Install of Integrator.  My 5.3.1 was failing to upgrade so I decided to just go for a new install.  

After the install is complete it has the IP address I configured in the ip4.ISO.  But I can’t ping or navigate to the IP address.  

Several reboots same thing.  Anyone have a sugguestion?



E585 GPU Clock lower than spec

According to the spec sheet from AMD


The Graphics Model Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics frequency is 1100 MHz,

P50 — Impossible to update Thunderbolt Firmware – "Not running the latest BIOS"


UEFI is at the latest Downloadable version but the much older Thunderbolt Firmware from 2017 says the BIOS is not up to date.

Why isn’t there a working Thunderbolt Firmware Flash tool … it probably does the version check wrong.


Theoretically one could try with a old BIOS, but the Update text states that it is not possible to go below 1.44.

Intel Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt Firmware for Windows 10 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 7 (64-bit) – ThinkPad P50  — v25
This was released on 09 May 2017, so the BIOS at this Time was either 1.39 or 1.40.


The following versions of UEFI BIOS and ECP (Embedded Controller Program) have been released to date. Package (ID) UEFI BIOS (BIOS ID) ECP (ECP ID) Rev. Issue Date —————- ——————– —————- —- ———- 1.53 (N1EUJ36W) 1.53 (N1EET80W) 1.18 (N1EHT38W) 01 2018/09/26 1.52 (N1EUJ35W) 1.52 (N1EET79W) 1.17 (N1EHT37W) 01 2018/07/26 1.51 (N1EUJ34W) 1.51 (N1EET78W) 1.17 (N1EHT37W) 01 2018/06/12 1.50 (N1EUJ33W) 1.50 (N1EET77W) 1.17 (N1EHT37W) 01 2018/04/09 1.49 (N1EUJ32W) 1.49 (N1EET76W) 1.17 (N1EHT37W) 01 2018/03/06 1.48 (N1EUJ31W) 1.48 (N1EET75W) 1.17 (N1EHT37W) 02 2018/02/06 1.48 (N1EUJ31W) 1.48 (N1EET75W) 1.17 (N1EHT37W) 01 2017/12/19 1.47 (N1EUJ30W) 1.47 (N1EET74W) 1.17 (N1EHT37W) 01 2017/11/30 1.46 (N1EUJ29W) 1.46 (N1EET73W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 02 2017/10/11 1.46 (N1EUJ29W) 1.46 (N1EET73W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 01 2017/10/10 1.44 (N1EUJ27W) 1.44 (N1EET71W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 01 2017/09/06 1.43 (N1EUJ26W) 1.43 (N1EET70W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 01 2017/07/26 1.42 (N1EUJ25W) 1.42 (N1EET69W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 01 2017/07/05 1.40 (N1EUJ24W) 1.40 (N1EET67W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 01 2017/05/24 1.39 (N1EUJ23W) 1.39 (N1EET66W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 01 2017/04/06 1.38 (N1EUJ22W) 1.38 (N1EET65W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 01 2016/02/17 1.37 (N1EUJ21W) 1.37 (N1EET64W) 1.16 (N1EHT36W) 01 2016/12/19


Anybody have a solution?

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