Thinkpad X1 Yoga – how to wake up tablet mode when screen goes dark

I just got my Thinkpad X1 Yoga and here’s the question: how do i turn on the screen when it’s in tablet mode without folding it back to the laptop mode and hitting any keys? I thought it’s like an iPad just by clicking the power button but it doesn’t seem to work. Now I’ve been folding it to the laptop style and enter any key to wake up the screen but how do just wake it up as a tablet?? 


Reinstalling IMM2, UEFI and DSA firmwares on an x3650 M5 (5462)

Hello everyone. When using, say, the command line interface to update the IMM2, UEFI and/or DSA firmware on an x3650 M5 (5462), and sequential updates are mistakenly installed out of order, can a clean, complete re-installation of said firmware be done by returning to what seems to be termed in the documentation as the “minimum” level, after which the upgrade process can be attempted again?


To explain, according to the “Version 2.50, TCOO16P – Critical” section of the link below, which is the change history for the latest version of the IMM2 firmware, “Version 2.50 is now the minimum level required for the System x3650 M5 and x3550 M5. If the IMM2 on this system is running version 2.50 or newer, the IMM2 will not permit flashing firmware back to versions prior to 2.50.”


In a second example, according to the “2.0 Prerequisites and dependencies” section of the link below, which is the change history for the latest version of the UEFI firmware, “You must be at a minimum UEFI, version 1.20 (TCE108I) to upgrade to this release.”


What I’m ultimately driving at is, as it relates to the first example, I have a few servers where the remote control functionality no longer works. In an attempt to fix it, I’d like to try completely reinstalling the IMM2 firmware. Would flashing back to the minimum level, version 2.50, then “re-updating” to version 5.11, be advisable? If so, where can I download the former of the two versions? The lowest I can find on the support website is 3.75.


Many thanks!

Legion Y530 Shutting Down when gaming.


Few months ago I bought a Legion Y530. Worked fine the first weeks but after a while when I tried to play some games it started shutting down (no BSOD).


For example, when I open PUBG it shuts down right away. When I open CSGO, I can run through the menu  fine, but it shuts down when the map loads. Worth mentioning that I can play CS Source, FIFA 17 and other nondemanding games without any issues.


I tested the GPU with FurMark, when the load was at 100% the temp was 63C. When idle it’s around 40-44 C.

The CPU when idle is around 50. 


Probably the unit I got was an exhibiton model that was used in the store, as the battery died not long ago. Also can’t update BIOS because on this (still on 8JCN25WW).


Here are the specs: 



nVidia 1050ti 4gb


Windows 10 Home 64bit (build 17134)


Things I’ve tried:

-Reinstalled windows, all drivers.

-reapplied thermal paste

-undervolted the GPU

-tried another charger


Also CPU seems to be overclocked?

Any ideas? Can’t return it as I bought it in the US and I’m in the EU.

Probably the worst, more non-responsive repair depot in technology today

Sent my laptop in (under warranty).   It’s been at the depot for a month.   No one has reached out to me.   I have called a few times and gotten two different answers and one endless hold.   One of the service reps was incredibly disrespectful and unhelpful saying that if no one reached out to me,  it’s because I must be unreachable.  (Wouldn’t the service repair history at least reflect an attept to contact me?)  Also the "endless hold" genteman did verify that my correct number is in the system.


I asked a week ago "just send my machine back to me un-repaired".    It’s still sitting in Tennessee.



UPDATE – My machine now shows as being repaired and should be on it’s way back.   Will be happy to see it fixed and in good repair!  

Error code UHD001000-UNCX7I

Here is the code UHD001000-UNCX7I, from your build in diagnostics, I need decription for it or detailed explanation, what can be done to rectify.


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