Terrible Lenovo customer service in Ireland

I ordered a Lenovo laptop through the Lenovo Ireland OnLine Store on 1st December.  The laptop arrived on 7th December but had evidently been damaged in transit resulting in a dent in the lid.  I made an incident report on 7th December and as of 27th December Lenovo have not even managed to arrange collection of the damaged laptop.  In the meantime, I have wasted hours of time speaking to Lenovo customer service and being sent from pillar to post.  On one occasion the customer service agent hung up, on another occasion I was told to contact a company called Digital River.  I tried ringing them and e-mailing them but no response.  On another occasion I was given a Dublin number to ring that linked back to the same dept in the UK that I had just been in contact with.  On 27th December I received an e-mail from the courier TNT to arrange collection of the laptop.  However, when I entered my postcode as requested I received a message stating: ‘Your RMA number postcode combination is not authorized. Please contact your manufacturer.’  I am back to square one.  I own a small company and I can’t afford to waste my time on this.  I am shocked at the ineptitude and extremely poor service of Lenovo.


Storage upgrade IdeaPad 330-15ICH 81FK0086RM



I want to buy the IdeaPad 330-15ICH 81FK0086RM model, it has HDD storage. I want to know if I can mount an additional SSD M.2… Does it have a separate port? 

T480, USB-C to Thunderbolt & Mini displayport

We recently moved from the Lenovo T470 to the T480. We have purchased two of the T480’s, with both we have the same issue;

The adapters we have used for the T470, won’t work with the T480’s. The ports do work with our usb-c displays. 


Some background information, the monitors we are connecting too are both from Apple, Thunderbolt Display and the Cinema Display. We have no issue with the T470, with the same adapter. The adapter we are using is a Apple Thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2. We have also tried other adapters from some aftermarket sellers. 


What we have tried already:

Several adapters, none work. 

Both ports

We have tried deactivating the security in the BIOS for the USB-C, just to make sure we tried everything, but also no succes. 

We have spoken to our Lenovo reseller for over an hour, but no succes or tips.. 

Checking the thunderbolt software, if it gets recognized or anything but no.


If anyone could provide some insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance!

Lenovo Legion Y720 – slow while multitasking



I have a problem with my Legion Y720 notebook, it is very slow while multitasking. For example: if I have a game opened and then I start any browser and try to watch a video on youtube, it get’s very laggy, I cannot watch the video.


Before upgrading to this notebook, I had a much worse one and with that one I had no problems doing the same operations with the same games and apps.


Any ideas how to solve this?


Thank you!


Lenovo Warranty API

I started using the Lenovo Warranty API and its going quite well, but it brought a question to my attention.


I noticed that the API supports POST, can it be used to update Warranty information on computers that we resell so that it matches the date of sale? And if the answer is yes, how many requests can it handle at once? Most other APIs I know has a cap of 5000 items.


Thank you!

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