Regarding various problems and update in k8 note

It has been 3 months we are not getting a single update as new problem emerges with your update 

There is slow charging and fast discharging in your phone 

Really your services are poor and we want to update our device to a better version

xClarity FQXHMFC0251M error – Importing Bundle Files



First off I’m new to xClarity.  I have a rack mounted server that I wish to provision/deploy a windows server 2016 image.

Within Manage OS Images, I have added my OS through OS images without issue.  However, within the Boot files, I’m unable to import bundle files that have been downloaded from Lenovo.  When I attempt to import the bundle file I receive an error displaying


The Management server cannot validate the bundle file. Ensure that you selected a Lenovo Bundle file and its associated signature file, and try again. FQXHMFC0251M 


I have tried several bundle files for Windows Server 2016 without success from;


Has anyone else had issue with importing bundle files/WinPe files through the xClarity admin console?



X1 Carbon G6 – TB3 controller isnt showing, HDMI isnt working

Hi all, 


Im having issues with HDMI port that isnt working and External displays arent woking thru the usb c dock.


– I cannot see the TB3 device on device manager.

– I followed the thread here and tried everything:

1. Updated all the firmwares besides TB3, it doent let me. it says device isnt running. (Picture attched)

2. Configuired TB3 device on bios to be Enabled, DIabled TB3 Assit mode, Set to no security.

3. Pressed the reset button on the back for 20 sec once the laptop is off and than turned it on. AC cable was unplugged.

4. tried to roll bacl drivers to see if itll work

5. Restored by entire pc to see maybe itll work.


Cant get the device manager to show tb3 in it.


when in MSConfig – i see TB3 is stopped.



T440 internal battery not charging.


I have a weird issue. I have replaced the external hot swapable battery feom a 24WH to the bigger fat battery ( brand new lenovo made not after market ).

I did it while the machine was turned off ( but internal battery was not disabled ).

And after I switched back on and it installed the new battery and recognised it. The old internal was gone. Well not gone. the system detects that it’s there but its 0% and not charging. Also it comes up with an error in power manager as well. I tried uninstalling then resintalling the device but no bueno.

Any ideas what can be done? I kinda procrastinate on disassembling it because somebody messed up one of the screws on the bottom and it’s stuck… so it would require serious effort to get it out and i would prefer not doiong that. But if all else fails i will of course.


Disabling tap to click (Ideapad 330)

I need to disable tap to click on my new computer.  Unfortunately, the Ideapad 330 doesn’t include the Device Settings tab where you can disable it (or other annoying touchpad settings).  I called tech support, and they told me I’d have to fix it by editing the registry.


Unfortunately, they refused to tell me *how* to edit the registry to do this unless I paid extra.  I’m more inclined to send the computer back and get another brand, but I thought I’d ask for help here first.  Does anyone know?

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