PCI Express status status test faild with error code WPE001001-WN7XEI

Hi there,


I own an IdeaPad 700-15ISK and made a system scan in Lenovo Vantage and received the error code WPE001001-WN7XEI for PCI Express. How can I resolve this problem? Many thanks in advance. Attached a screenshot from the result.








After having submitted the psw, I receive an error message


what does this message mean ?  how to fix the issue?


thanks a lot for you support  

G50-80 Battery Charge?

I have a G50-80. How much time will it take charge from 100% to 0% in balanced mode?



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Problems with Display Settings – can you help please?

Hello. I got off to a bad start with Lenovo when I bought my LegionY520 but that’s in the past. I’m trying very hard to set it up and install Apps that I have on my HP Envy – I could sync them but I’m not a great fan of that method. 


The problem that I dealing with at the moment is the display settings as they affect mail in my outlook.com mail boxes. Perhaps the easist way for me to explain is to show you the comparisons:


My HP mail boxes show 11 emails. The size of text is 100% and the resolution is 1366 x 768 – both of these are the recommended settings.

Mr Legion shows 18 emails and the size is way too small for me to read. The size of text is 125% and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 – both are the recommended settings.


I tried changing the Legion settings but when I could read the emails, there were huge black frames around i.e not all of the screen was used.


What should I do please to have my Legion emails roughly the same size as the HP?


In closing, apologies to Andy for having been rather hot under the collar in some of my early posts here. For all the other problems I just love the speed of the Legion and the beautiful colours (hues?) of the photos.

Internal storage Error

Hello I’ve just bought a LENOVO YOGA 3 tab and I have a storage problem…..The system shows that I have 5.88GB stored in IMAGES but I only have one picture saved on my Tablet…….This is driving me crazy as I have already format the tablet to factory setting once and right after reset shows empty storage for IMAGES  but after 2 days it shows 5.88GB again. I’m assuming that this issue may be correlated with Google Account but I don’t know how to fix this? any suggestions?

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