P51s – change 500GB SATA to M.2 PCIe

Hi there,
Please kindly if I want to replace the 500GB SATA to M.2 PCIe for 20HB001KUS, do I need an M.2 adapter ?  If I do, please advise the part# of the adapter.  I found 4XF0Q68320 from the Lenovo option compatibility matrix but the part # seems not valid,   thanks

clean samsung evo 960 500gb


i try to install it because my first die.

windows don’t want to install on my new ssd. how did you do guys?

need help

Lenovo K6, Lenovo Launcher has stopped working

I had the problem with the wallpapers too ,but this is not my main problem right now …

I installed a game and it didn’t let me play because of "overlay on screen" and I installed another app which helped, but when I closed the game it said:"Unfortunately, Lenovo Launcher has stopped working" and it showed me last apps. I installed another launcher(APUS Launcher ) , but from my opinion the default launcher is the best looking and comfortable .Now when I press home button it always says that it stopped working .I would send the phone to Lenovo Companion ,because I still have the guarantee certificate, but I CANNOT ACCEPT A FACTORY RESET ,even with a backup because I have some things that cannot be done backup(like a CR account which is lost but logged into the phone ) .

Anything that can help me ?

I want some proffesional responses ,most likely from Lenovo Companion ,but I think they are not interested …

P.S:I forgot to say about Overlay on screen detected ,which blocks me from giving any permission to any application

X230 with ssd micron c400 – low speed after reboot

I have SSD Micron C400 MTFDDAK128MAM-1J1 firmware 070H (3pcs) and Thinkpad x230 (3pcs)
Problem with sequential write:
Turn on laptop – up to 200Mb/s.
Reboot – up to 30Mb/s.
Sleep-wake up – again up to 200Mb/s.
Problems are with all three laptops. Not depends of ac adapter, battery, battery charge level, power plan. No BSOD.
What NOT helped:

Win7, Win7 with latest drivers, Win7 with drivers from site, Win7 from Lenovo recovery.

Win10, Win10 with latest drivers, Win10 with drivers from site.
Intel Rapid, SSD Tweaker.

BIOS versions, old, latest, not latest…

Can’t change firmware, said you have latest.

One ssd was installed into HP DV6 and working well, in one x230 was installed EVO 850 500Gb – all good.

Unknown device need driver

In the good old days of the T61p all that I needed to do was use System Update and it did find the culprit. Or download all the necessary drivers and program that the system needed after a re-installation or a clean install (XP, Vista or W7).

It does not seem to work that way any more.

I have an unknown device named "Other Devices/Base System Device" which apparently is of Ricoh origin but I can not identify it. It is not the Ricoh SD/MMC Host controller or the xD-Picture card Controller. Those are OK. I tried one program design to find drivers to no avail.

Comparing to the Device Manager of others T61p has not help either.

Any suggestions…?

Anticipated thanks.

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