My order is not shipped



Order – 4293558909

Product – IdeaPad S340 35.5cms – Platinum Grey


Its almost a week I placed order on Lenovo online portal but the order is not shipped yet.

NDSL customer care is the worst. They never pick up the call !!


I mailed them and they simply said that the order is delayed. No more info was shared.


Please help me with this.




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Yoga C930 poor video quality


I recently got the yoga c930 and I can’t figure out why the video quality is so bad. Playing videos (outside of Edge) has really poor video quality, even the demo video in the HD Display settings. I have 12gb ram and the FHD display. Not sure what other info to provide.


I followed the instructions to check the dedicated video memory (128 MB), and enter BIOS to change it, but the setting is not available. However I also read that this number doesn’t mean anything because the system auto detects how much ram to use. But the video quality is really pathetic. So now I am stuck and don’t know what to do.


Please help. Or at least let me know if I’ve been scammed so I can stop spending time trying to find a solution. Thank you!




Does anyone know how to overclock the cpu for the x1 tab gen3 ? I can’t find anything in the BIOS and want to know if its even possible. 


Thank You

ThinkBook 14s-IWL Backlight not working

Any suggestions on getting the backlight on keyboard to work? Have run driver diagnostic tools and updates. Very disappointed, new just out of box. Log attached. Thank you!

L380 USB-C stopped working after BIO update

Has anyone else experienced an issue with one of the USB-C ports stop working for data after the latest BIOS update for Thinkpad L380?


The one that stopped working is the one marked as the charging port. Before I had my monitor plugged on that port and soon as the laptop rebooted from the BIOS update the monitor stopped working. Nothing will work off that port anymore besides charging.


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