Motorola apps

My motocare apps are disabled. Why does this happen ? Does it affect my operating ?

flex 14 screen

hello…I fell down my lenovo flex 2 14 and now sensor  and glass is damaged but it’s possible to see everything while working on it…so can i buy only new digitizer or I should buy a hole new screen to repear it? please help me 

won't reset Windows 10 Thinkpad

I’ve never had a problem like this before on any other pc. I have been trying everything I know to get my Thinkpad to reset or clean install Win 10. Every process ends with "We ran into a problem and can’t reset Windows"


My laptop has been ultra slow and other than reloading Win 10 nothing has worked to get it to run faster. I’ve done about every virus, spyware and drive scan I can do and nothing shows up yet it crawls like an old Win 98 pc so I figured I’d just reload Windows and reformat the drive but again nothing will allow me ot do it. Is there something about Lenovo that prevents the reset? 





ThinkPad X1 Tablet – TPM Module not working

Windows 10 Professional is now allowing me to use Bitlocker – saying that the device can’t use a Trusted Platform Module.  My employer’s policy settings do not allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM.


When I attempt to run the ThinkPad TPM Firmware Update Utility, it is erroring out saying that TPM is disabled in BIOS Setup.


When I enter the BIOS, I do not have options to enable the the TPM module.  I’ve looked under all of the Security options, and nothing close to security chip or TPM shows up.


How do I enable the TPM Module?



Lenovo A6000 data recovery (broken screen)

Hi. My sister somehow broke screen on her mobile and she want recover data thats inside the phone but when i connect it it just make connection sound but doesnt show storage (on pc). i tried a lot of programms but none worked. Phone is working but the screen is cracked and coloured 1/3black 2/3 normal screen but really cant see nothing.

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