lenovo yoga 920 battery


What is the best way to charge the battery should I discharge till 20 charge till 80
or 30 till 70 and at the Lenovo vantage there is a cycle count how many cycles can the battery handle cause every time I charge it considering count 

Invalid SN and MTM. Product name "IDEAPAD" on Lenovo Legion Y520-IKBN



I just recently purchased a Lenovo Legion Y520-IKBN and reset the Windows. SN, MTM showing up as invalid and Product Name is showing up as "IDEAPAD". Is there an easy fix for this? I tried using the BIOS firmware tool but it won’t let me change the SN/MTM. 



64bit in Lenovo k8 xt1902-1 ?

Is Lenovo k8 xt1902-1 can be update to 64bit mode?

Upgrade to a touch screen on Carbon X1

I have looked around but I have not found any specific guidance on this.
I have a :
X1 Carbon
Type: 3448-6CB
SN:  XX-XXXXX 13/10      Serial removed per forum ruled – mod

This has no touch screen.
Is it possible to install a touchscreen on this laptop?

Thanks so much for any guidance,

I Need A Replacement Lightning to Micro-USB cable for the Headset. Help.

I have spent hours looking for a way to buy a replacement Jedi Headset Lightning to Micro-USB cable. Our dog actually ate the original. Not kidding. 


The Lenovo site is infinitly frustrating and useless by sending me in circles in search of a simple replacement cord. 


Rather than risking the money on a secondary site like Amazon, I’d rather get it from Lenovo but they don’t make it easy.


Any helpful Customer Service out there?

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