Lenovo yoga 710 screen flicker artifacts

Hi everyone, the last night i had a problem with my lenovo yoga 710. The screen started to flickering. That just stopped when i restarted my pc. The pc is now working good but im a little scared. i cheked drivers and update windows but i want to know if this problem is about software or hadware. i attach a link with video a video. https://youtu.be/3a7_f83wUrE

W540 lenovo thinkpad battery life

Hello, I have bought a new 56++ battery for my lenovo W540. The battery life is atrocious. About 1 hour and I’m at 50%

power plan for battery is balanced. 30 day standby is on. battery charge threshold is off. 

T480s touchpad intermittent sluggishness/lag

I’ve just got a new T480s (about a day old as of posting), and right out of the box when going through the Windows 10 configuration I noticed that there was something strange about the touchpad. It was sluggish in responding to my movements, adding just enough input lag to throw off my perception of where the cursor would end. After using the laptop for a day, I noticed that the problem is intermittent – at times the touchpad works wonderfully, feeling very snappy to my finger movement. However, it can easily and very suddenly turn into a sluggish experience. it eventually recovers, but also reverts back to sluggish not too long after. Using an external mouse through USB has no such issue.


I cannot tell what causes the input lag; it appears random. It looks like this (the lag occurs at the start of the video and around 2:30 it’s perfect):



All Windows and Lenovo Vantage updates have been installed. Device Manager states "ELAN Input Device For WDF" to be at, which appears to be the latest available for the T480s.


It doesn’t look like I’m the only one experiencing this issue:

T480s with ELAN touchpad – sluggish performance from thinkpad



There’s also a promising thread for the P52:



At page 11 someotherguy has released a beta ELAN driver which seems to resolve input lag. It would be great if something similar can be rolled out to the T480s! The lag mars the overall experience of the product which would otherwise have been excellent.

Watch 9 pairing issue

Hi everyone!

I just got Lenovo Watch 9 and after several times trying to pair it I did it. I configure time and it was ok. Then I noticed it was disconnected, so I tried to pair it again but can’t do it. 


It supposed to show a pairing notification when phone finds the watch but it doesn’t show it anymore. I dunno what to do. I tried restarting both. 


Hope you could help me

Lenovo ideapad 330S. Contrast screen control?

Hi everybody!
I bought a Lenovo ideapad 330S with Win10home and Radeon graphics (Intel UHD graphics 620).

I can find any way to adjust the screen contrast.

On the keyboard is F11 F12 for brightness and also in screen options in control panel there is only brightness  cursor.

The brightness is at top, but on the screen the contrast il so hight that the dark parts in images and photos are without details, only black.

I looked for in google and forums, but no suggestions worked…. can anyone help me?


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