Lenovo P50 not starting up

I started having an issue this morning with my lenovo p50.  when i try to turn it on nothing happens.  with the laptop plugged in the power lights on the back are not even on.


i tried removing the battery and the charger and held down the power for 30 secs then plugged in the charger and tried turning on.  after doing this laptop tyrns on briefly i see logo and then it turns off.  after trying to turn it on a few more times it eventually just gets to a point where only lights on the keyboard turn on briefly there is a whir of the fan for about a second and then immediately shuts off.  


what do you guys think the problem might be?

Maximum memory for Lenovo Ideapad 320-17IKB model 80 XM question

I ran the Lenovo Solution Center program on my Lenovo Ideapad 320-17IKB model 80 XM and it informs me of the following: 

Total memory = 8 GB

Maximum Supported Memory = 32 GB


Now, that’s by Lenovo so I trust it.  I recognize that there are 4 GB of memory soldered in and there is a card with 4 GB of "replaceable" DDR4 memory installed.


My question is whether I can install a 32 GB "replaceable" type DDR4 RAM card within?  OR whether that exceeds the "maximum supported memory" specification?  I do not know of amy 28 GB DDR4 RAM cars so I’m a bit confused?  


I guess it boils down to what "Maximum Supported Memory" means?  Does it mean maximum supported "replaceable" memory?  


PS-See image attached for Lenovo Solution Center info.

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Lenovo y700 – 15ISK black screen

I was going on a train, so i turned off my laptop to get it in my backpack. When i tried to boot it in the train, the screen was not turning on. It stayed like that. I’ve tried many things (battery drain, bios update and else) but it just doesn’t work. I can plug in an external monitor an it is just fine. I’m just reminding you that the screen is OFF, it doesn’t show anything through the bootup and in the windows. The external monitor is considered as a main one, and i can go to bios through it. I really don’t know what happened, and i couldn’t find any way to fix it in the internet. So i ask, do you know the problem ? If yes, then can i do something besides just sending it to service ? It looks like my warranty worn out january this year. 

Yoga 510-14ISK don't power up at all



I have a problem since yesterday with my Yoga 510-14ISK laptop : it does not power up at all.

The power LED turns on for a few seconds when I press the power button, but it turns itsef off and I don’t see anything on screen.

I tried to remove the RAM and put it back, I’ve changed it to the original one but that’s not better.

This is my main laptop, the one I’m using to work and it’s running Linux Mint 18.3.


Thanks for your help.

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