Lenovo k5 vibe you tube updated but not installed?

in my lenovo k5 vibe youtube is updated but not installed 


Random "No Signal/No DP Input Detected" Y27g & Y720

Hi all!


I have a Lenovo Y720 Laptop connected to the Y27g curved monitor through mini displayport (I have the display set up so that my full desktop is on the curved monitor while the laptop is closed.) Both of these were both purchased about 2 months ago new from Lenovo, so still under warranties.


While using my computer, the screen just went black. "No DP Input Detected" it tells me.


So  naturally, I turned the screen off and then on. Still no signal on external monitor.

Opened the lid of the laptop to close my applications and reboot. Retry the miniDP output, and still no signal.

Checked to see if my drivers were up to date and found that they were.

Searched online all day for an answer but nothing sufficed.

Plugged in an HDMI and switched the input on the monitor to match and YEA…. that works. But it is not the solution I need.


I put my computer to sleep, and after about an hour, return to try to get the miniDP to work. This time… it does!

COOL! No need to use that new Mini DisplayPort cable I ordered today to see if it’s a faulty cable.


Boot up a game, and about 15 minutes in…. screen went black… No DP Input Detected.



Has anyone had this issue with the DP input not breing detected? My computer still stays running like nothing is wrong. (I also have USB fans that are connected to the Y27g’s USB and only turn off if there is no signal to the monitor. This makes it easy to tell for me when the monitor begins to receive a displayport or HDMI signal right away. Right now, they are off.)


Is there anyone than can steer me in the right direction?


Any help is much appreciated.



S200 Desktop (Lenovo) Machine Type Model: 10HQ0013SP VPD update



I’ve just changed the motherboard of a S200 MT10HQ.
I cannot update the MT / SN with all the tools I used for all other Lenovo machine.
I’ve tried with the BIOS update file currently available on a W10, failing too…

What kind of tool should I use for this One ???? 
As I have 3 other machine to repair.. the pb is urgent !!

If someone has a Tuto or procedure I will kindly apreciate !!





Upgrading X250 LCD screen to 2K or 4K?

Did anyone ever attempt to upgrade the LCD to 2K 2560*1440 or even 4K 3840*2160?


12.5 screens are available at reasonable cost….any reason not do this?

I just love upgrading this thing to the max

Upgrading Wifi Card X250??

Currently have an Intel 8260. Seeing as these things are so cheap to aquire like 10USD here in China


Is there any point to upgrade one of the latest models? What is the best of the best i can get to work in the x250?


I see there are mostly improvements in stability, the triband cards are a little wider, not sure if that would fit but there is some space on the sides. 


any thought?

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