Lenovo G580 new motherboard

Hi there, I have a dead G580 motherboard, can someone tell me where can I buy it, can I buy it directly from Lenovo, many thanks for help. 

Model is 20150, board series La-7892P




Couple of Yoga 720 questions

Is that dolby atmos recommended to keep or uninstall? Can i get it for free if i uninstall it? Currently sounds bit different than it used to on my previous laptop.

Can you turn off the active pen 2? What kind of program you use to draw with it?

Is there some sort of cover that would cover keyboard on tablet mode, but allow full 360 degree movement?

Does the lenovo vantage 55-60% battery conservation really help on long term, How much, i usually have it on charger?

Is it recommended to download latest nvidia and intel drivers or stick to ones from lenovo site?

Tx80 (T580) + Samsung 970 PRO/EVO M.2 NVMe SSD


due to known compatibility issue with earlier Samsung SSDs ( Lenovo KB article , Forum post )

I wonder are the new Samsung 970 EVO and PRO fully supported, including Thermal Management?




My hotkeys for g560 laptop are not working.

I installed energy management but still it wont work. If someone could help it would be appreciated. 

Lost pre-installed Apps after Factory reset

Hi. As part of the help solution for the WiFi dropping out issue I was recommended to carry out Factory Reset which I duly did. Now I have no Microsoft Apps that came pre-installed and the WiFi still drops out! Anyone any bright ideas?

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