Lenovo C330 or S330

Has anyone been able to download Office 365 to either one of these Chromebooks and use the Office 365 programs successfully? I already have an Office 365 subscription so I am wondering what the user experience is like using Word, Excel, Outlook and OneDrive.



ThinkCentre E73 M73: Windows 10 updates (1903 – 20H2)

I have updated from 1809 to 1903 and the PC has now gone really slow and having issues with admin rights, I have chkdsk’d and scannowed but no issues found. Tried an inplace update in case windows was corrupted and get the message some hardware on this PC is incompatable with 1903 update. Can anyone shed any light in these issues please. I have had to revert to 1809 to make the PC useable again.

Thanks in anticipation.

Looking for suggestions for laptop cover and keyboard cover for X1E

Hello altruists,
tl;dr: Looking for spillproof keyboard cover and cloth cover for the laptop(hydrophobic or normal) purchase suggestions

I have been using the X1E (20MF)  for a few weeks.I tried sarching if the keyboard dimension is the same as the 2018 X1 Carbon,so i can order a spillproof keyboard cover for X1E.Amazon,E-bay and google doesn’t seem to return any promising results for the X1E,but a few for the X1C.

I am also looking for a cloth cover like this,but for X1E.As you can see,the cloth cover for Alienware is not waterproof.I used this for my Alienware to prevent scratches.Something like this,or something hydrophobic (Without any zipper,handle etc.) is what i am looking for.So far,nothing promising on google.Somebody suggested Pelican covers,but i don’t wanna go that far anytime soon.

which graphics card is in in the g50-80?

Accordng to the HM-manual for my [LENOVO G50-80 L000H2US] my graphics card/chip is either:
– integrated AMD Jel LE OR
– AMD Jel Pro OR
– nvidia N15S-GT OR
– nvidia N15V-GM

When I boot it under Windows10, it HDMI-connects to my TV monitor (brand: HannSpree), but when I boot under Windows7 (+SP1) it does NOT


I need that info because I wanna update the graphics card drivers. I have a dual booted system, win 7 and win 10. 


The monitor menu, with WinKey+P works under Win10, but it doesn’t work under Win7 See here for a reference of what I mean https://forums.pcpitstop.com/topic/191946-windows-key-p-%E2%80%A2-easy-display-switcher/


My graphics info: https://i.stack.imgur.com/fMm5U.jpg


device manager


Lenovo Y700-34ISH: SSD failing SMART notice, how to replace

Intel’s Rapid Storage Utility popped up a S.M.A.R.T. notice that my Samsung original equipment SSD, Drive C: with Win 10 Pro operating system, is going to fail (after 30 months of service). Initial reaction was to purchase a new SSD, migrate the original SSD to the new SSD, then install the new SSD in place of the old. Downloaded Samsung’s migration software, but further research indicated the migration software did not recognize the old SSD, and online shopping could not find any current Samsung SSDs compatible with my Y700-312SH. (Learned in the process I would need to find a “sled” to fit a new SSD into the slots in the case).


So am “waiting” for the failure of my C: drive, but without a remedy.


Any suggestions?


Mod:  edited the Suject line to correct the model number (as 312SH does not exist) and expand the problem description

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