lagging in the games after the battery ran out


i have a lenovo y520 gaming laptop. it started to lag in the games and some FPS problems. yesterday, i unplugged the charger for it and i forgot about it for 5 hours after that i found it powered off ( the battery ran out until it be empty). so i connected the charger and left it for 1 hour until it be fully charged (100%). after that, i tried to play a game i found some FPS and lagging problems. i think maybe something with the power plan setting or the video card is on the power saver mood. i don’t really know.

Note: some games when  i start the game i find a bad lagging in the beginning for 10 seconds after that i be more smooth.


before what happened the games was running smoothly 



waiting your support , thank you and forgive me for the awful english

Windows 10 product key: how to find

Yes, I searched, no I didn’t see the right question or solution.


My T570 is out of warranty. Due to a BIOS update, Windows thinks it’s unlicensed. Because I bought this device with Win 10 Pro preinstalled, I have no physical objects with the Windows product key.


I have repeatedly attempted to troubleshoot from Settings to no avail. And it always takes an inexplicably and interminably long time for the Windows Activation window to appear.


I had a work email address associated with this machine at one time, but had to remove it after leaving that employer.


What are my options for finding the Win prodkey?!

Latest BIOS Update for Lenovo IdeaPad G50-45 on Linux Mint 19.1? SOLVED

Hi sovy666,


I am not able to mark your post as solved as it is the original post, so I created this thread and moved your post to it as a reply so I can mark it as solved.  


Thank you for posting that you solved your problem.






Dear Lenovo,


when are you finally going to officially address the fact that many recently released notebooks suffer from audio issues when listening to audio via the headphone jack. In specific, the phenomenon can be observed best when listening to audio via headphones. If you listen to audio which quickly changes the volume then you can hear a clear crackling noise on the right audio channel. If you listen to normal speech for example, which includes small breaks you can hear a crackling noise each time before the person starts to speak and when the person stops to speak. A good example for observing this issue is the following YouTube video:


Listening to the first two minutes of the video linked above with headphones plugged into the audio jack is already enough to observe the issue. If your device is affected you will be able to observe a little crackling noise on your right headphone audio channel, each time there is a small break between the talking. This issue has already been reported a thousand times all over the internet and not only affects the ThinkPad X1 Extreme, but also many other high-profile ThinkPad product lines.


For example, this issue has been mentioned in the official Lenovo forum here, but you chose to not respond. Instead you let people struggle with this issue. Moreover, the forum entry below confirms that also the ThinkPad P1 is affected and that there is no reliable solution to fix this issue permanently:


The issue has also been reported in the next forum entry below, but the suggestions there do not fix the issue:


In addition, a similar issue with the notebook speakers has been reported here in the next forum entry mentioned below, but you do not provide a clear statement. In fact, the entry below shows that not only the ThinkPad X1 Extreme is affected by audio issues, but also the ThinkPad P52s. It also shows that you did not made any effort to inform the X1 Extreme owners that there might be an issue with the X1 Extreme even though you investigated some speaker issue:


 I hope you can also start to officially investigate the ThinkPad X1 Extreme headphone jack issue. On top of this, the issue with the ThinkPad X1 Extreme audio has also been reported on reddit many times, since people are obviously already getting desperate of your unresponsiveness and your horrible support, which only suggest to exchange the headphones. Are you serious Lenovo? So, what you are trying to tell me is that all the headphones in the world are broken? I tried four different headphone pairs myself all with the same annoying issue and so did many other customers. I also switched and uninstalled the drivers one million times, which of course did not help anything.

The entry below shows not only another case of the ThinkPad X1 Extreme but also that the ThinkPad X1 Yoga Generation 3 is among the affected devices:


Here is another case of this audio issue regarding the X1 Extreme. The solution in the entry below does not solve the crackling noise for listening to audio via the headphone jack:


Audio cracking/popping fix – Realtek generic audio driver from thinkpad


The next three reddit entries below show that also the T480s might be affected as well as the X1 Carbon Generation 6:


[deleted by user] from thinkpad


T480s headphone jack popping noise from thinkpad


Last but not least the most important information in order to get closer to the cause for all this mess. The entry below shows what might be the source of the issue and most importantly shows that IT CAN BE FIXED on Linux. It also highlights that the CODEC ALC285 might be the source of all issues.


ALSA: hda/realtek – fix the pop noise on headphone for Lenovo laptops


We have several Lenovo laptops with the codec alc285, when playing

sound via headphone, we can hear click/pop noise in the headphone,

if we let the headphone share the DAC of NID 0x2 with the speaker,

the noise disappears.


The Lenovo laptops here include P52, P72, X1 yoga2 and X1 carbon.


I have tried to set preferred_dacs and override_conn, but neither of

them worked. Thanks for Kailang, he told me to invalidate the NID 0x3

through override_wcaps.



Cc: <>

Signed-off-by: Kailang Yang <>

Signed-off-by: Hui Wang <>

Signed-off-by: Takashi Iwai <>


In addition, the link below shows, given the information is accurate, that you Lenovo are not completely unaware of this disaster:


Lenovo told us that some linux uers reported headphone noise on Lenovo’s

website. After investigating, we found those Lenovo laptop models all

have the codec of alc285, and we can reproduce the noise problem too.



Don’t use the DAC of headphone, let headphone share the DAC with speaker,

the noise disappears.


[Test Case]

After applying this patch, we tested on Lenovo P52, P72, X1 carbon and X1

Yoga 2, no noise anymore

Obviously, this issue affects also windows systems, so how about you finally get your things together Lenovo and fix this intolerable situation. We are in the year 2019 and I bought a 3000 USD notebook, I think I can at least expect that I can listen flawlessly to my music over headphones without programming my own operating system first. Tell me, is this too much to ask? And tell me what you are going to do now ?

Completely Disappointed in Yoga 920

This is my first time feeling compelled to post on a public forum. 


I am a contractor who works from home for nonprofit organizations. I rely on my laptop computer as my work is 85% writing. In January 2018, I purchased a Yoga 920-131KB, which cost $1,599. For that amount, this should have been a solid machine for basic word processing.


I have had to return it FOUR times for repairs in one year – motherboard failure (2 times), hard drive failure, loose key after coming back from repairs. It seems this machine has been in for repairs more than it’s been in my hands for work. It has impeded my productivity and ability to meet deadlines for nonprofits that rely on me to meet deadlines so they can do their important work for the communities they serve.


Once again, last month I had to return it to Lenovo for repairs. When I got it back the last time, the camera was not recognized. I couldn’t conduct video conference calls which are essential to my job since I work remotely. I returned the machine on December 21, service ticket #702752291 (for any Lenovo person who cares to look into this). It is January 21 and still I do not have the machine back. The estimated date has been changed more than once, so I have no idea when I can get the machine back and can’t explain this to my employers. More than a month to repair a basic camera? The camera was working when I last returned it for repairs, it was returned to me not working.


What is most disappointing is that Lenovo has not stopped to see that this machine is problematic given the number of times it has been returned for serious equipment failures. No offer to replace the machine or expedite the service so I can get back to work. I am extremely disappointed about the $1,599 wasted on this machine, which I have barely used in the past year. As of today, I have no machine, just a note online that they are still waiting on the part. Unacceptable.


I called and a service rep refused to forward me to a higher up or give me a phone number or way to contact someone to discuss this urgent matter or to file a formal complaint. The best he could do was tell me that he will pass my number on and someone will call me in 3-5 days. I can’t work and the best they can do is to call me in 3-5 days. Unacceptable.

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