K450E 2 beeps, blank screen

I added an rx 580 GPU to my K450E and it would beep twice on startup and have a blank display. I took out the rx 580, thinking that is what was causing the issue, and tried to run with onboard graphics, yet it continues to give the 2 beeps and not display. I’ve attemped all I can to fix this, re-slotting my RAM, unplugging and plugging back in all connectors, taking out the cpu and putting it back in, tried new powersupplys and re-attached my motherboard yet the same issue persists. How do I fix this?

Lenovo Extreme X1 Battery draining while connected to power.

The computer battery is going down while it is connected to power supply. I have been noticing this for the last 3 weeks. It usually drops 4% to 6% a week.

Now the computer is configured to not charge until reach a certain level to save battery life, for that reason I can notice the battery going down and staying this way.


By the way, other problem that may be related is that it was not charging even before I set the configuration for the battery threshold, meaning that before was configured to charge always. I installed Lenovo Vantage, changed the configuration and was still not able to see it charging until I turned off the compute, let it off for a certain time and then connected to power supply.


So i am trying to get my laptop to allow usb boot. 


I have disabled secure boot, changed to legacy and not legacy but everything i try only shows the windows boot option. 


I have tried the usb on other laptops and it works fine just not this lenovo one.


Any other options?

ThinkStation P900 Power Unit Clicking (Video)

My P900 has power Unit issues as I attached video. 

When I plug in power cord to P900,  Power unit start clicking sound from inside unit.

There is no error digit on the front panel, front panel as same blinking power button and 4 digit just brinking with "0000"

No boot up, Just keep clicking from power unit.

Please help… what is problem… 


Go to https://youtu.be/ecZ00qWUiwU  

Y720, 8265 WiFi card upgrade options

I’ve been dealing with shoddy wifi connectivity for months on my laptop, I’ve resorted to tethering off of my phone via USB to make ends meet. I’ve tried everything under the sun but despite this my 8265 currently installed in my Y720 constantly disconnects at random, there’s no lag, everything will be running just fine but then it will disconnect. This will happen on average every 5-10 minutes during gaming sessions however happens less often when browsing the web. Nothing else on the WiFi network does this as to rule out possible router issues. Anyway I want to switch up to a 9260 chip but there’s nothing in the compatibility list that states this will work and also I can’t find any info on anyone else trying this out, I mean theoretically it should work fine, but I am aware of the whitelist etc etc and possibly the 9260 only compatible with 8th gen processors not 7th gen like my 7700hq, if anyone can provide any insight, it would truly be appreciated.

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