Idepad 510S 14IKB – won't start in battery mode

Hi, since the latest BIOS-update from a few weeks ago (well, I noticed it since then), my Ideapad often refuses to start up in battery mode, even when the battery is 100%. The screen remains black, nothing happens. When I connect the adapter, I can start it normally. Should I try to re-install the older BIOS or will the next update fix the problem?

Ideapad 510s 14IKB – Max resolution of external monitor

Hi there, I want to buy an external monitor for my Ideapad 510s 14IBK 80UV0073MH. I prefer a resolution of 1920 x 1200 px. Is that possible, or is the HDMI-output limited to 1920 x 1080 px?



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Is there a way to get 601 LV ROM for free?

A stock file for 601 LV (TB 3 – 850 M?) Seems to be released under the file name "601 LV _ S _ USR _ S 1000 000 _ 1609 141 759 _MPM 0. _", but I do not know where to get it.
Is there a way to get this stock file for free?
If there is a person who has it on hand, it will be pleasant to have it open to the public.

Legion Y730 GPU and docking



I plan to buy a Y730 for use as a laptop and work station plugged to 3 external displays (laptop closed)


1. Is it suitable for this use ? I will not play the latest games on it, only work with photoshop sometimes. 

2. Is the GPU a max-Q design ? 

3. Is there a plan of GPU upgrade soon ?

4. As there is a thunderbolt 3 port, which docking solution would allow me to plug my 3 external display and maybe power supply to the laptop ?


Thank you everyone 🙂 

Wireless card stopped working

after security update from microsoft , wireless AC-8265 on my Yoga stopped working .when I check it in device manager I find  the below error :

Windows is still setting up the class configuration for this device. (Code 56)


I tried to update the driver through lenovo system update with no luck


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