I want a battery for my laptop Z51-70



Please I want an original battery for my laptop Z51-70


How Get it?

Battery of my Lenovo Yoga Tablet not charging at all


I have a tablet YOGA 2 1050F that began to have problems while charging the battery. 

NoW it won´t charge the battery at all, so Io can´t use it.

It´s 2 years old. Is it possible that the battery is not working anymore? What can I do?

Thank you!


Repository, Server firmware filter

Like the option added in earlier version, to see only manage devices in the repository,

Would it be possible to filter also all the firmwares for parts inside the server?


For example if i have sn550 server i want to see in the repository, under the server row only the firmwares for parts that it has.


If it doesn’t have raid adapter, i don’t want to see the firmware for raid adapter under the server row.

ideapad 320-15ikb model 81bg: Can i Upgrade the HDD to SSD?

Hi guys, its very good seing lenovo got such a community.

so i bought the ideapad 320-15ikb model 81bg.

the specs got only 1TB hdd and i wonder if ill be able to upgrade it with SSD?

i cant find the HW Spec’s anywhere, like how many SATA or RAM slots or M2…. nowhere to find these specs.

so my questions are:

will i be able to upgrade ideapad 320-15ikb model 81bg with SSD?

could I add an SSD or only Replace the HDD with SSD?

how many RAM slots?

Thank you.


I feel This Laptop is a BEaST! _ (But it really really ….. really, FEELS like the HDD is bottlenecking the Preformance).


Connecting M900 to a 3840X1600 monitor

Trying to connect ThinkCentre M900 to a ViewSonic VS16980 monitor that has a max resolution of 3840X1600.

Found that the installed video card would not work – resolution too low

Bought a GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti video card – some work to get it into the pins – but ok we are there – but now it needs a power connection


The power output from the M900 (cord labeled P1) is 10 pins  – but also no dual power cable – so first need a dual power cable adapter for 10 pins – can’t find one – then need an adapter – because the GTX1050 is 6 pins. 


#1 How do I do this – is it even possible? 

#2 If possible – where can I get adapter/cables?

#3 What current Lenovo to buy for this monitor?  Would like a lot of RAM – but don’t need much hard drive space – has to be able to have Windows 7 64 bit installed  – per our IT dept – academic university.


Greatly Appreciate any help

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