I can't update Thunderbolt firmware(build 20180516-N1NTF19W) to my X1 yoga 2nd gen


The title literally.

I am under stress from a recent failure to update.

This will stop with an error of 85%.

I am using X1 yoga 2nd gen (20JD) with Thunderbolt3 dock(by Lenovo ThinkPad), and the BIOS version installed on my laptop is N1NET42W 1.29

PLZ. Help me

New Lenovo ideapad 320 15ikb model 81bg after bios update thermal throttles

Hello, I have recently bought Lenovo Ideapad 320 15IKB-81BG, but It thermal throttled after 8-10 minutes of gaming, framerate dropped to 10-15fps, cpu slowed down to 0.7ghz and the fans sped up a little bit after 1 min. everything when to normal. I updated every driver and BIOS, but now the fans don’t speed up, they just run at idle speed everytime. Then I saw a strange thing. When doing light work on laptop (youtube, browsing…) cpu runs at max speed 3.40 ghz, but when I run AIDA64 cpu immediately drops to 2.20 ghz and after 40 sec of testing cpu drops to 1.59 ghz, but the fan speed doesn’t change a lot and because of that the cpu temp is 62-75 ( i can’t tell the fan’s RPM because it doesn’t get recognized) and task manager shows that cpu usage is about 72% even though it’s actually 100% during the stress test. So what is the problem because this is really annoying and strange that a brand new laptop thermal throttles after a few mintues of hard work.


UPDATE : after changing Intel Graphic’s power plan to maximum battery life in Power options I get stable 2.20 ghz during stress test and cpu temp is 62-69.

TB3 Dock Power button at the end of a TB3 Chain

Will the power button on a thinkpad TB3 dock still work if its not the first device in a thunderbolt 3 daisy chain. Say i went out of the laptop into an egpu box like the akitio node pro and then out into the dock. Will the power button still work as normal.

Miix 2 11 (20327) G-Sensor/auto rotate problem under windows 10

I was not able to make auto-rotate work unless running  in the background sensorinfo app from microsoft store.


Is there a way or procedure of making auto-rotate work in tablet mode?  I was not able to find an answer in the forum.


Please we need a driver or a fix for the auto rotate. 


 This is the only way I was able to make autorotate work but it is not the right way.

If the sensorinfo app is running in the background the autorotate function works in all other apps too.


I have latest bios installed (97CN43WW) and all windows 10 uppdates too. Everything works perfectly apart from autorotate.   


Ideapad 720s-13IKB Windows 10 Fingerprint login not available anymore

Laptop: Ideapad 720S-13IKB

Bios: latest 6MCN28WW

All drivers up to date from Lenovo Vantage (Synaptics Fingerprint Driver 5.5.2620.1050.A_NonSGX)
Win version: 1803 with latest updates


I had my 720S back from repair three days ago, they changed my motherboard.
The fingerprint reader was working before, and I’m pretty sure I was on the same configuration except some windows updates and the "Intel Management Engine 11.8 Firmware for Windows 10 (64-bit) – 720S-13IKB (Type 81BV)"


I checked that the device is working properly under the Device Manager, no error here.
The only issue I can see is that Windows Hello is said to be not available for my computer.

I tried to roll back to the previous fingerprint divers because I saw this workaround on the forum. With no luck.

It’s a shame as I used a lot the fingerprint reader to log in and even fill some passwords.

Thanks in advance

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