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Lenovo YogaBook frozen/won’t load normally



Out of desperation I’m posting on here for the first time. I’ve tried a lot of solutions but still no results, and I think it’s getting worse – every time I turn my tablet on it kinda freezes after the startup.

When the locked screen comes up after you turn the tablet on, instead of seeing the background wallpaper and buttons, it’s just the clock (with the wrong time) and a black screen. When I unlock the screen, I can only see the status bar, but no notifications. For the rest everything is black. When I press the power button it just turns off the screen instead of locking it. Afterwards the little menu won’t go away. But when I hold the power button, the normal options come up. I took a picture of the screen after I unlock it and hold the power button. 

When this problem started(like 1 month ago I think), waiting a little did the trick. I’d let the tablet charge and after an hour or so it worked fine again. But now I let it charge for hourss and it’s still at a low percentage, the screen doesn’t change and the tablet doesn’t react normally. I’m really worried cause many people advise to completely reset it, but I haven’t backed up in months and there are really important files there. I don’t know what to do and I can’t find a post on this specific issue.


Can anyone please help me?

It’s a Lenovo yoga book YB1-X90F, almost 1 year old. 


Product is new and freezes from time to time.

Any reasons.

Current Lenovo Firmware and BIOS missing from nightly catalog download

The Lenovo firmware and BIOS updates are not automatically updating in catalog.   Last updates are from October 7, 2018.   The other 3rd party patches update daily as expected and appear in the various views of "All" or "*Latest Not Published" , i.e. Java, Adobe, Google, Mozilla, etc.   


If i manually go into Settings > Catalogs > Lenovo Updates > select "Import / Update data", then the new updates appear in the views.  Is there a way to have this happen automatically?





[L380Y] Secure Boot keeps re-enabling on reboot

I’m having a weird issue trying to dual boot Arch Linux on my L380Y (Bios 1.18). The USB was imaged by Rufus and I have used this USB to install Arch successfully on my other laptop. Before starting out I disabled hybrid sleep in Windows just in case and then I rebooted to UEFI.


Here’s where it gets weird, I followed instructions I found on this forum and on a Lenovo Knowledge Base post for disabling secure boot by disabling OS Optimized Defaults and Loading Setup Defaults. When I Exit and Save, my laptop reboots with Secure Boot still enabled and OS Optimized Defaults enabled as well. I searched around a bit and I can’t find anyone else having this issue, hopefully someone here has some tips.

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