H50-55 graphics & CPU upgrades

I received my h50-55 as a gift almost 2 years ago and it desperately needs an upgrade. I’ve taken it apart and cleaned it several times, but I’m still getting serious problems with overheating. Currently I’m in college as an art education major and I actually work from home so I need some upgrades that can handle drawing, editing, and 3d creation softwares as well as consistent gaming time. Currently, my model has 12gb of RAM, 2tb of hard drive, & an amd a10-7800 CPU processor. I chose this specific PC based on how easy it is to take apart & it that it used to run smoothly. Lately my most used drawing software, clip studio paint, has been adding features that my computer just can’t handle anymore & it’s been like this for nearly all of my other softwares. For all of my PCs I’ve stuck to amd over Intel, but it’s extremely difficult to find what exactly will work with my desktop motherboard in terms of CPU & graphics cards without frying the whole computer.

Yoga S1 12 takes too long to start

Hello, for my yoga S1 win10 lenovo logo takes aprox 25 sec.to load and after that loading windows also cca 45 sec. Have anyone any idea if it’s normal. My bios has password protected. Thank you

Lenovo Ideapad 130-15 wont turn on

My 4 month old Ideapad 130-15IKB didn’t turn on (with and without power – no response at all), so I sent it the local lab support (under warranty). I wan’t satisfied with the answer I got about the problem – "The battery was over-charged" – they just opened the laptop, pulled out the built-in battery and put it back. after 2 months it happend again and i sent it to local lab support again they change the battery and yesterday the problem happend again.

what is the problem?

Z510 on avast boot scan screen display is too dull and i can see only very blur logo only

Z510  on avast boot scan screen display is too dull and i can see only very blur logo only 

– started boot time avast anit virus scan after few mitnues of boot time virus scan display became back screen after sometime I stopped the laptop manually and rebooted and display screen was black.


Please let me know if anyone the solution or motherboard is damaged



Completely SICK of Lenovo and my Yoga 2 Pro

I don’t expect anyone to read all of this but i have to vent and get this out to maybe help other people and prevent them from making the same mistake i did.

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