GPS issue in Vibe P1

My GPS only works when I use google maps, but even when I make maps work in the back, my gps stops. Please help.

Thinkstation C30 1136/1137 Motherboard swap with D30 case/chassis

Hi, I was able to get a dual processor E5-2620v2 C30 from my work (hardware upgrades).  However, the chassis is really limited.


Would it be possible to transplant the C30 motherboard into a D30 chassis if I were to find one?


Are there internal D30 revision issues I need to keep in mind?

(Lenovo Y510P SLI) Problem With M.2 SSD

Hi, I have a problem with 120GB SSD m.2 (This one: LINK) which is from the official Kingspec store on Aliexpress and after i put it in my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad Y510P SLI) and installed "Windows 10 64-Bit" on it to make it my boot drive but the problem is that it only works sometimes, this means when i turn on the laptop it can’t recognize the SSD because it doesn’t boot it just shows network boot look at this:

and when i go to BIOS the SSD is not there in both "UEFI" and "Legacy UEFI First" but it works after like 7 or 8 tries of turning my laptop on and off again and it appears in BIOS, SSD is well settled and well installed and i don’t move the laptop from it’s place all time so the problem is not in the hardware, when i put my PC to Sleep mode or Hibernate it just shows same problem and i have to turn my laptop on and off like 7 times to make it work, in BOIS "AHCI Mode" is chosen and i checked the SSD health it’s OK and there is no bad sectors, look:





i also updated "ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" and "Intel(R) 8 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller", as you see:

I’m really tired of this problem and i need help.


B50-70 caddy issue

Hi, recently i buyed HDD caddy for my B50-70.

I have 1T HDD 7200 for windows, and my second 1T HDD 5400 for Linux.
The problem is: I cant boot linux or windows from caddy. 
When i try linux i get a Grub loading error, HDD with windows will not even start spining in caddy. But using the Live boot, I can acces the linux HDD in caddy without problems. But both will boot withnout problems in the primary hdd slot.

I tried flip switch on caddy, but it didnt help.
Thanks in advance.

BSOD P52 Problems

i bought a new P52 a week ago and have some serious issues with BSOD.


Wdf01000.sys Wdf01000.sys+32cc5 fffff807`eed20000 fffff807`eee04000 0x000e4000 0xbd4591f4 17.08.2070 00:19:32


And the TDR Video Failure.


I´m a little bit pissed off. I thougt i bougth a premium product but it seems that Lenovo isn´t able to provide functional drivers. 

All Drivers are up to date and i also reinstalled a clean Windows. Does something else has similiar issues an can provide me a solution.








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