G50-70 vertical ines on display

My  Lenovo G50-70 laptop has developed a cluster of thick vertical lines on the display.  They are pixelated rather than solid buut enough to make it hard to read text when the background is pale or white.


Is the cause most likely the display ribbon cable or the display itself, please?  The former appears to be cheap but fiddly to replace, but the latter expensive but easy.


Many thanks,


Windows 10 update 10 to 1709

The (automatical) update from Win 10 Pro 64bit ver. 1703 build 15063.1058 to version 1709 (Creation Fall Update) is not working: everything goes on (apparently) regularly (download, installation up to 100%, etc…) in a couple of hours!! Only at the and, after some re-start, a prompt appears indicating that this version cannot be installed in this hardware ?!?!.

WHY? PC is LENOVO YB1-X91L model ZA160013IT.

Somebody is aware of non-compatibility/Microsoft issues?

Thanks for help


Thininstaller m910z bios update

Trying to deploy bios update M1BKT36A via Thininstaller and Update Retriever to m910z desktops and the install never runs (doesn’t even extract the files).  I’vd set the the update to active and critical.  The rules trace says the dependencies are TRUE and it show up in the candidate list, but not the update list in the log file.  Both logs are below.  Has anyone been able to get it to work with m910z’s?  I was able to use it with T470’s.  Thanks.


command:  "C:Program Files (x86)ThinInstallerthininstaller.exe" /CM -search C -action install -noicon -includerebootpackages 1,3,4 -log "c:temp" -repository "c:programdatastiteslenovoupdatesrepository"


Rules Trace:

-Level(False), M1BKT36*


-Level(True), M1BKT2*
-Level(False), M1BKT30*
-Level(False), M1BKT31*
-Level(False), M1BKT32*
-Level(False), M1BKT33*
-Level(False), M1BKT34*
-Level(False), M1BKT35*
-AddressWidth(True), 64
-OS(False), WIN10
-OS(False), WIN10.*
-OS(True), WIN10-ENT
-OS(True), WIN10-ENT.*
-OS(False), WIN10-PRO
-OS(False), WIN10-PRO.*
-OS(False), WIN7-ENT.*
-OS(False), WIN7-PRO.*
-OS(False), WIN7-STARTER.*
-OS(False), WIN7-ULT.*



LogFile: Attached


T470S BSOD when waking from sleep

One of our employees’ T470S (model 20HFCTO1WW) always produces a BSOD (SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, dxgkrnl.sys) when waking up from sleep and sometimes when the USB 3.0 Ultra Docking station is connected. I have tried updating every single driver to the latest version directly from the support page, including the latest BIOS – this actually made the problem worse and a system restore had to be done. The Lenovo Solutions Center hardware diagnostics test returned no errors. The event viewer logs weren’t very helpful.


Lenovo says that this is a fault of the OS itself and they sent me a Windows 10 Factory Recovery USB key. I’d like to know if any of you have experienced this and found a solution that doesn’t require backing up and starting from scratch.

RD350 Fan running at 11000 RPM



 Runing Win srvr2012, total ssytemn Power is 52W, the speed of FANs are at 10800-11000 RPM.


CPU DTS is -58°C


Is new, in orignal state, Only 1 CPU, 4 FANs, Firmware was updated with no ADDs.


Is Very noisy,


How can I get down the speed?





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