Forgotten password for vibe k5 note

I have forgotten my password which I kept for my lenove vibe k5 note is there any way to unlock my phone?

Lenovo Yoga 300 – Windows doesnt recognize HDD

Hi guys,


Im using a lenovo yoga 300 and windows 10.

when i go into my disk space manager only the sdd of 29 GB shows up. The HDD doesnt. If i run search for storage drives it doesnt show up either. Also the missing 500 gb storage is nowhere to be found. What can i do?


Thanks for help!

t480s/dock:40ah – USB HID devices not found with docking station

Title says all I guess. Mouse and keyboard are not working though the dock (the new mechanical/thunderbolt kind) under the pre-installed windows as well as with ubuntu 18.04 alpha.

The windows/Intel thunderbolt software does not show devices as well.

I heard that I should’ve seen dialogs asking for permission to use the dock as  a trusted device of somekind. I haven’t seen this.

Strangely network and screens work fine.


I’ve looked at driver updates etc, but I seem to be up-to-date.


Any ideas?



Problems seem to be limited with usb 2.0 devices. However usb 2.0 devices also do not work on the usb3.0 ports on the dock

video-graphic slowing down the computer



I have a lenovo flex 5 series 2 in 1 touchscreen laptop intel core i7 2gb graphics (Ndivia) 4k ultra.

What I noticed from using this new notebook for the last 7 months, this computer significantly slows down when I work on images.

For example, if I move around an image across the screen, side to side continously, the cooling fan starts blowing and the entire notebook slows down very significantly.


I tried to update the video card drivers, changing configurations.

But nothing fixed the problem.


Additionally, I though this product has a seperate video card with 2GB video memory, but it seems it uses shared memory.


Can you please help me fix this problem?


Thank you

Update retriever hangs at 76% when searching updates



During the last two weeks or so every time I search for new updates it hangs at 76% for at least 90 minutes before continuing.

It works, but is incredibly slow.


Would like to know if anyone else is experiencing similar issues or is it just me.


EDIT: we are using Lenovo Update Retriever version 5.00.0029




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