Docking station for Y740 17''

I plan to buy a Legion Y740 17” for work and home use, nothing heavy work wise, only light applications. I intend to use a docking station that preferably handles three 1080p displays, but if it can only handle two that’s fine too. My question is what docking stations are avaliable for such use, as I’ve not found any when searching on Lenovo’s own DockSearch site for my specific model, the 81UJ. I could try searching for ‘universal’ ones but if so I would like your input before buying any third party one that isn’t guarenteed to work.


Has anyone tried using a docking station, either USB-C or USB 3, in this way with this model? I would love to know that it works for someone before I go and spend 2000$

Lenovo C610 USB-C Hub causes laptop restart to fail



I have attached to my IdeaPad 320S a Lenovo C610 USB-C 4-way Hub – when it is attached and I ask my laptop to restart… it hangs and won’t turn off, I have to hold the button down manually. If I unplug the C610 hub, it restarts normally.


One would think Lenovo accessories would be compatible with the main Lenovo laptop lol….

lenovo k320t firmware

plz need android 7 firmware for lenovo k320t phone hang on logo

phone have  android 7

Lenovo Explorer black screen



I just brought a Lenovo Explorer and i got all the drivers installed and ive checked that my pc can run WMR. When i launch the portal nothing appears in my headset and even when i launch steamVR with the WMR addon i still get nothing.


Ive tried everything, ive been at it for around 6 hours now and got nowhere.

Ive reinstalled windows 10 and im about to give up


Can anyone help me?

T495 – Need to unplug and then plug to get performance

Looks like if I want to get the full boost speeds in every core I need to unplug the charger and then pug it back to get it.


If I start the Laptop while plugged in, only 2 of the 4 cores boost (3300Mhz+) and the other 2 are stuck at 1400Mhz.


The problem solves if I unplug and then plug the charger then I get the boost on every core.


How can I solve this behaviour?

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