Complaint about the laptop( Lenovo Yoga 730-131IKB)

To whom it may concern,

Helix 2 Battey in Keyboard doesnt charge


my Helix 2 runs fine. But the battery in the Ultrabook Pro Keyboard doesnt charge. In the battery control is the info "0% and not charging". Non of the solutions in this forum solved my problem…

issues with duo on smart display

unfortunately, setting up speaker to speaker video calls is a complete nightmare w LSD.  i really hoped it would be super easy to connect my 70+ parents to their grandkids but it is truly not a product for the mainstream quite yet.   i was able to get video calls working from their lsd to other people’s iphone duo apps.  but once i left, it now shows that everyone needs to invite my parents duo account again even though they have duo installed in their iphone already. 


Question – does the smartphone duo app have to be always online concurrently with lsd for the speaker to work for video calls?  i know they often neglect the iphone and sometimes it goes offline. 


i have also tried troubleshooting with google duo help center but the solutions posted don’t work for me. thx!

When the next yoga tablet will be released

I love yoga tablet and am waiting for yoga tablet 4!!!so of any one have any idea about yoga tablet 4 release date????

Lenovo 8” smart display – google assistant input lag

Hey everyone, so I recently bought my Lenovo smart display 8”, and I’ve been experiencing some software/hardware issue with it. The google assistant seems to lag during input – like the words I speak are usually supposed to display in a smooth flow, but after a day of usage, they start lagging while displaying and sometimes don’t display at all before the assistant responds. I’m not having any problems with any lag in the output, but only this problem. It starts off smooth again when I reboot it, but after a day, the input again starts lagging. I feel this is might be a hardware issue, though I’m not sure. Not many people seem to be facing this. Request some help. 


I’m running 3.63.43+prod and I’ve factory reset this three times while facing the same problem. 

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