Changing lux level on Lenovo b50-30 with Color Munki Display calibration.



I have a Lenovo AllinOne Desktop B50-30.  I use it mostly for photography software and I use a calibration system – Color Munki Display.  The calibration measures the lux of my display then calibrtaes it from that.  I think it is too ‘dull’ – the lux needs to be higher.  How do I adjust the lux for the diplay please?  

New P1 – STILL can't get HDMI port to work

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Audio Delay – ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock

Got a new X1 Extreme and the Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock and have an audio delay.  This same issue happened on the other (non Workstation) dock apparently


I’ve updated the firmware on this dock to the newest on the website and still have this issue.  Are their plans to port whatever fix worked for the other dock to the firmware for this new one?

X1Y3 Battery much worse



I received an x1 yoga 3rd gen in september. However, approximately a month ago (maybe less), the battery became much worse, to the point where I charge my laptop to full, and it says I have under 3 hours of battery remaining. I read that right clicking the battery, going to power options, and restoring default settings can help. This sometimes helps, albeit temprorarily, and then it reverts to telling me that I have 3-4 hours left. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you. 

Lenovo Y530 auto brightness and doesn't reach 100% charging

I bought a new Y530 laptop but i face two big problems

The first is the battery often stops at 95% or 96% and never continue charging till 100%

The second is the brightness of my computer is changing automatically according to the room lights and i tried to disable the auto-brightness feature but i coudn’t 

any one who bought this laptop face the same problems or my laptop is faulty. 

please help me

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