Bitolcker – Drive D locked- recovery key – encryption problem

i deleted the C: partition then re-created it to clean install windows 10 – build 1903
after which, i found that my D: partition has been locked and require a 48-digit key to be unlocked
obviously, i did not do that encryption and i dont have the key and now iam stuck
i disabled bitlocker from settings, but it did not work
i retrieved the encryption key that is on microsoft account recovery key, but it is mismatching (had a different key ID that is requested by the message i face)

i dont know what generated the problem and cannot solve it
there is a post in google that such a problem was frequently met with lenovo and dell
is there a solution ???

MAC ADDRESS not allowed in network >>> implement control with new switchs



we administer a small company with almos 80 pcs in a industriall environment; that customer receive an alert about 03 PCs running illegal softwares. After review network PCs, their IT staff was able to locate only 01. Today they have only 01 managed switch (old model from HP) and common switchs on each pavilion of their fabric plant. So we need plan the switch replacement and design a way to avoid it to be repeated and also receive pro-active alerts if some unexpected device tries to connect to the network.


Using the models ‘LENOVO SWITCH CCE0152TB 48X10-100-1000 BASET 4X10GB SFP PLUS LIFETIME (7Z370021WW)’ and ‘LENOVO SWITCH CE0128TB 24X10-100-1000 BASET 4X10GB SFP PLUS LIFETIME (7Z360011WW)’, can we do these settings below?


A) Filter what MAC ADDRESS are able to connect to our network?

B) Avoid another DHCP on the network (a domestic route TP-Link for example as already ocurred in past)?
C) Put all the 07 switches (office + 07 pavilion on fabric plant), phisically connected using fiber GBICs, to work "as" only one with VLANs?

D) How much time of logs can we hold?

E) Can we set an alert if some port goes down?

F) Can we use the xClarity to set up this remotelly?


Any help is appreciated!

Increase ram in lenovo ideapad 320

Hi everyone, I want upgrade my lenovo but i have many questions about it. First, my model is 320 series with AMD a9 7th gen. 4gb ram ddr4. How much i can upgrade the ram, 4gb 8 gb 16gb?, second, which model is the ideal for this laptop?. Thank you for your replys.

Thinkpad X1 Gen 7 – Max battery level 92%

Hello everybody,

I’ve a brand new Thinkpad X1 Gen 7. I’ve noticed a weird behavior with battery. When plugged,  battery level goes from current level up to 92% and never goes beyond while charging. This happened after one week of usage.

I wonder whether this problem can be addressed through configuration or the battery needs to be replaced.


Many thanks,



My LenovoG50_80's screen freeze and switch color

Hello, I’m a French people and I apologize in advance for my mistakes, I use google translation as help.


I’ve one LenovoG50-80 since 5 years and this 24 of october, as soon as I support in my keyboard, I’m litte freeze and the colors of my screen are reversed during the second that follows. I don’t understand why but it’s annoying.


I place for you a video from my computer under.

Thanks for your help.


Tell me in english, i can understand except if you’r French.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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