Bitlocker Issue with t570-windows10



I am facing issue with one T570,its going automatically to Bitlocker encryption and asking for the recovery key.I never enabled the same.




Lenovo Vantage ID Error

I start my Vanatage App on Win 10 1803. I saw I was not signed in, so I did.

It shows my first name twice as my ID.


When I check, I do see anywhere that I did this in my settings.


There used to be a Lenovo ID app, but I cannot find it to check it.


Where do I need to change the ID to get this corrected?

Root Lenovo k8 not

What happens if I root my Lenovo k8 note??? 

Ideapad 500-15ISK black screen


My Ideapad 500S-15ISK after power on is showing black screen. The power button light is on. It is just black screen. I showed the laptop to a local hardware guy and he told me that ati chip has short fused and it needs to be repaired. And he quoting an exorbitant amount to fix it. Please help.


legion y520 lenovo nerve sense not showing

when i open nerve sense the options wont show up like before, example (extream cooling, sound… etc) and thats really bothering me 

anyone know a way i can get the options back? 

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