My Lenovo laptop is no longer functioning

My Lenovo Laptop (G50-70) can no longer work. Either it refuses to turn on, or I get a glitched screen with lines of static. I spent years on this laptop, so it holds value for me. What can I do to fix such?

Even a hard reboot is not a viable solution.

Attached is an example of the screen glitch.

Lenovo B590 5Ghz WiFi Support

I am trying to find out if I can upgrade my wifi card to support 5Ghz networks on an B590?  Can anyone confirm this is possible and if so what NIC I need to install? 

L540 Bitlocker Preventing Repair

One day when booting up I get a message saying that the pc needs to be repaird and the boot configuration file does not contain valid information for an operating system. Then i download a copy of windows 8 from microsoft’s website to initialize the repair, since IT did not send the disk along when they gave me my laptop. When I try to run the repair it hits me with bitlocker and requiring a key to continue. Our IT has no idea where this key is and are not aware of setting one up. I went through microsoft with no luck. Azaure account with work mail but there are no keys stored there so this is my last hope. Where am I supposed to find these keys? Never was I asked to strore them or copy them or print them or anything. I’d really love some help. Thanks!

Iomega – copycenter IX2 copy paste



my Iomega copycenter IX2 is 6 year old and was not used for last one year. now when i connected i can login and view files. i can even open pdf files directly from IX2. but i can’t copy any folders or files from the devise to computer and vice versa. my main files are drawing files of autocad, revit etc. please support me.

Lenovo X230 Fan Problem

So my X230 started to show a "CPU Fan Error" error lately at boot, although it’s very inconsistent. I turn it off and turn it on again and it boots normally. I have used a monitoring software (SpeedFan) to see if my temperatures are okay and I saw that my temps usually range from 69-75. SpeedFan also doesn’t show the fan speed or detects the laptop fan. I tried opening up the laptop myself and saw that whenever I turn it on, the fan woud speed really fast at boot then stops, which led me to believe that I had to replace the fan. So I took my laptop to a local repair shop (to free me the hassle of replacing the fan myself) but as soon as I got there, the technician just told me that the fan is okay, it only spins when the CPU gets too hot and stops spinning if it isn’t (which I think is complete BS), but I would like to consult other people and see if this is really the case.

P.S I’m new here so pardon if I make any mistake of posting this.

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