Lenovo Ideapad 730s battery and charging problems

I bought a brand new Lenovo ideapad 730s on August 26th, so barely over a month ago. Today while charging, the notebook died. I tried plugging in the charger and again and it would only charge if I held it in a certain position and if I let go, it would stop charging. A few hours later and the charger won’t work at all, and the laptop won’t turn on at all. Any solutions to this? This is a new laptop I spent over a thousand dollars on and I am very upset about this. 

No displays with Thunderbolt Docking in Linux

I purchased X1 Extreme gen2 and Thunderbolt docking station. Loaded Debian Linux (SID)


When I attach the dock to the computer, sound and network are working, but display manager (xrandr) cannot see any external displays. I tried to find security mode for thunderbolt in the BIOS, but there is no option for this.


Any advise?

Yoga C930 Alexa app hands-free

I have a Yoga C930 and I wanted to install the Alexa app but when I do the app says that the hands-free option is not available for my PC.  According to the support site https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht506718 it is.  I’ve tried the steps they’ve provided, uninstalled the drivers and app, etc. but nothing I’m doing seems to resolve the issue.  I have a 720S that’s over a year older and it works just fine.  Wondering if anyone else has had issues with the 930C and the Alexa app?

L430 DVD (or PowerManager) problem

L430 laptop

Windows 10 64bit – build 1903 (upgraded from Win7)


I was able to use the DVD without any problems 3 or 4 weeks ago (but can’t be sure exactly when and don’t know what windows version was in play at the time). 

I suspect an intervening Windows Update has rendered the power manager and/or dvd drivers inop, but I’m not sure what else to try to get the DVD back.

The first symption was a popup dialog when accessing the DVD:


There was a problem starting C:WINDOWSSystem32LenovoPowerMgrPWMTR32V.DLL.
The specified module could not be found.

I’ve tried a number of things:

uninstall the power manager and PM devicesinstalling the latest version of PowerManager from the Levono support siteinstall latest dvd driver

At this point, I no longer get the PowerMgr DLL error and the Device Manager says that the drive is working properly and the driver is up to date.    I’m no longer seeing the DLL error but the drive isnt actually working — when I insert a known-good disk into the drive, nothing happens — the drive does not mount.   Application prompts "Insert disk".


Thanks for any new ideas you can suggest!


Thunderbolt software crashing on x380 Yoga with Apple Thunderbolt Display

I am trying to connect my Lenovo x380 yoga laptop with Apple Thunderbolt Display. As soon as I connect that the thunderbolt software asks me to click to allow the new device but then after that, it just crashes down. Is there any way I can fix this issue?

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