Cannot update Bios, Vantage says it fails to download update

Hello, Vantage fails to dowload a critical Bios update. 

I’ve tried at least ten times in the last month. I download the update via Vantage to no avail. 

Below is the update I’m trying to download and install. 

I’m quite annoyed because this is a critical Bios update and muy computer is brand new, no more than a month and half of use. It’s a Legion Y520, i5 processor. 


Can anyone help?:smileysad:



Y510P best charger online

Hello the community,


I would like to change my Lenovo Y510P charger for a new one.


It seems a bit complicated to find the right chargeur with the right specs because of the amperage and voltage things.


Lenovo does not seem to sell this charger anymore online (I already called the commercial hotline), so for you what is the best charger model to keep the best performances with my Y510P model?


Thank you.

Flex 4 stuck in startup menu

Screen started to flicker white static like. Restarting seemed to fix problem. Now screen is only dark with lenovo logo barely visible on start up. Can’t brighten screen. Any ideas?

Screen won't turn on on Yoga 710

I turned on my Yoga fine this morning, and everything worked. I shut the laptop, didn’t shut it down, put it in my bad and drove home. It was in a bag in the sun for 10 minutes, but it was covered, and it has lasted longer than that. When I got home, it wouldn’t turn on. It showed the light by the power button, but that is no longer shown. It shows the battery is fully charged, it has the white light. I tried holding for 15 seconds, and I tried quickly pressing 10 times. I couldn’t find a forum that fixed my problem. Thank you!

Thinkpad Yoga X380 – Scratching from being in Stand Mode

I’ve had my X380 for only a few weeks now and I noticed it’s already getting scratched from being in stand mode. I had an S1 Thinkpad Yoga for years and it never developed scratches from being in stand mode. I noticed that the rubber feet on the palmrest are not the high point but the area below the trackpad is and that’s why it’s getting scratched.

I was thinking if I could get some more of the little rubber feet on the bottom of the palmrest I could maybe double them up to make them taller, but I can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone know if these can be bought on their own? Or maybe another suggestion to prevent the scratching? I’ve temporarily stuck some black rubber strips on the feet to make them taller, but it doesn’t look that great.


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