Back camera not working in just 2month


I purchased lenovo K8 note & within two month it’s back camera get out of order.

Apart from this I am not able to connect customer services.

Really disappointed with lenovo services.

Lenovo support service is poor

Ok to start of with, I have sent my IdeaPad Yoga in twice to the depot because my fans were extremely loud and vibrated a lot. First time I get it back they replaced the fans, which made the vibrations stop but the fans were still running at full speed and super loud. I contacted support and they wanted me to send it again which I did. Now I get the laptop back with both vibrating fan and it running at full speed. 


HOW bad CAN THE DEPOT BE. They even dare to put that they tested it extensively,  It took me a second to realize my fans were at full speed and vibrating . How can they so incompetent. 


I need this laptop for my university courses and I havent been able to use it for the past 3 months. Which is the day since my university started.


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Lenovo P1 Windws 10 will not detect internal GPU

I had aspirations of adding an external GPU to my Lenovo P1 only to learn that new (if any) nVidia external GPUs work on Windows if you have an in-box GPU.  


Moving forward to after that expensive lesson… I had turned off Hybrid mode in the display as a test and now that it is turned back on; Windows fals to detect the P2000 GPU in the Lenovo P1 Xeon system I have.


How do I correct this so I again have the P2000 to use?


Thanks in advance

Yoga X1 ThinkPad black screen, won't turn restart

I have a Yoga X1 ThinkPad gen 1. This morning when I went to turn it on, I got a black screen but the lights for the mute and caps lock came on as well as light at the top of the laptop and the green for the power button. This has happened before but I was always able to successfully force a shut down and restart the laptop with no problem. Today, the laptop will not shut off no matter how long I hold the power button for. I thought I would try to let the battery run out but it’s been 10 hours and all of the said "on" indicators are still here. Under normal circumstances, I know the battery would die within 5 hours max. I’m not sure what to do, does anyone have any ideas?


Dolby Audio issue

Hi all, 


I recently purchased a C340 API laptop that came with Dolby audio software pre-installed. Since running several system updates, Upgrading to windows 1903/BIOS/Drivers I appear to have lost the software for this.


I have tried following other similar support tickets and the given fix has not worked for me, unfortunately.


My current audio that is installed is called "Synaptics Audio" that was the only available driver from the Lenovo Vantage support page.


Please advise where I can install this from?





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