hi, going by all the forums i came to know the sim card slot is not installed in the laptop. so kindly guide me where can i buy the simcard driver and install it.


laptop : yoga 370 thinkpad 20JJ series.

Lenovo z51-70 Graphic Card Issue

Amd r9 375 Can’t play League of Legends !!
when i join a game , the screen keep flashing and go black then the lab stopped working and i have to restart it from power button ..  my windows is up to date same as my drivers …i tried to change the windows , but its the same . there was a message says amd hardware has been stoopped and recovered….and there was another says AMD has blocked Leagueoflegends.exe 
note : when i play the game on battary it works normaly but low fps , when i plug in the power ,the scren flashs and restart …etc 
i went to the warranty , they just told me we can replace the motherboard !! … and it’s price almost the same price that i bought that labtop !! 
please answer as fast as you can

X1 2nd gen. Resolution on external monitor

Should I return the ThinkPad T470 and wait for T480 instead?

A ThinkPad T470 I ordered has been delayed a couple of times and will be reaching on Monday. Luckily, a friend is leaving on Friday and could bring the laptop to me.

There are plenty of posts about how efficient the 8th generation i5 processors would be.. Being so close to the T480 release, bothers me. If it was the same situation six months ago, I wouldn’t have bothered obviously.

Lenovo’s return policy is designed to make people hold onto their laptops.. ? (15% restocking fee and return shipping is on the buyer)

This is the configuration I ordered:


And intend to upgrade the HDD with a Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB and memory with a Crucial 16 GB dual rank memory stick. http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/ct16g4sfd824a

If anything, the laptop will be delivered on Monday and I could start using it in a week’s time and but don’t have any idea when I would receive the T480 in my hands!

Any thoughts would be awesome. Thank you, as always.

Lenovo Vantage issue

Finally I have managed to find a section to ask advise on an ongoing and annoying issue I have with your Ideapad 510.

Which brings me onto the problem with Lenovo Vantage.

Everytime I try to use it i get an error that "Vanatge has encountered a problem" asking me to either restart or install update. I have done both with no joy. I have even uninstalled then re-installed.

This issue really is driving me mad so can someone please advise ??

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