I am trying to update my laptop bios and I have the following error, 

bios image file doesn’t match this system the utility process has not completed site


Does anyone face the same issue?

how to boot from usb on ideapad 330s with optane

 i have a Ideapad 330s with optane, however windows 10 crash and i’m trying to repaire it rom a usb drive, but the coputer tells me "system doesn’t have any usb boot option. please select other boot option in boot manager menu"


any suggestion?

New update

Today I have got a new update on my phone K8 plus, build number changed to

OMC27.70-39. I want to know what improvement is done.

Lenovo Yoga 730 15 – Overheating to 100C/Throttling issue while gaming

My Lenovo 730 15 has the overheating/throttling issue while gaming (see the attached screenshot). It is clearly related to the high CPU temperature up to 100C (pink) during the GPU load (dark green) while the temperature in the room is 25C. Since both CPU and GPU use the same heat pipes, the increase in GPU temperatue (blue) leads to the increase in CPU temperature (pink). The power plan has stock settings (turbo boost on and no undervolting) but looking at the CPU frequency (salad green) it’s almost not turbo boosting. The base frequency of i7-8550u is 1.8 Ghz and it stays below it during gaming.


My question is why putting GTX 1050 in the chassis that cannot handle its thermal load? I have to admit that the fans aren’t too loud (Intellegent Cooling in Lenovo Vantage is on) so it could be one of the reasons. I’m going to replace it with another unit and see if the problem persists. Could anyone reply if you have similar issues?


Lenovo B570e

Hi there i need some help regardless a cpu, does my motherboard support SR0X6 (Intel Core i7-3540M) ?

hope sombody can help me here 🙂



Mod’s Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.


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