Need Dual 4g Volte Support on Lenovo K8 Plus/Note

Hey , It’s been more than a year since mediatek allowed Dual 4g Volte Support and Lenovo K8 users didn’t get any update on this ? What is this guys , It’s a very important feature of smartphones and Lenovo K8 users are missing this .. Please Enable this dual4g Volte option in Lenovo K8 plus through OTA update .. Fix this problem soon ! Please ?

Light bleed on C930

Hi all,


I have a brand new C930 (purchased from BestBuy about 1.5 months ago) and it bleeds light like crazy around the corners (attached). This is bleed, not IPS glow. I thought I’d get used to it, but it’s just impossible, especially when watching a movie with dark scenes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen light bleed like this, let alone on a laptop at this price point. Is there anything that can be done, or do I just drop a few hundred off the purchase price and dump it to Craigslist? I mean, it appears that Lenovo considers stuff like this acceptable:


Any ideas? Thanks!

Lenovo Ideapad 330s-14IKB 81F400PUIN SSD and RAM upgrade

Dear All,

Recently I have bought Lenovo Ideapad 330s-14IKB 81F400PUIN which comes with core i3 8130U cpu, 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD. 

But after using a while it tends to slow down, specially in app performance and slow boot up times.

In this case I have planned to upgrade RAM to 8GB and add a SSD. I am seeking suggestion on the following:


1. According to website it supports 4 GB + 8 GB SO DIMM. Is it okay to add 8 GB to push the last limit? or I should consider a 4 GB So DIMM?

2. A forum post clarified it supports M.2 NVMe SSD on PCIe port. According to specification provided in website it supports 1 TB + 128 GB PCIe SSD. But many are considering a 256 GB SSD? is it support 256 GB SSD along with 1 TB HDD? is 128GB SSD enough for windows 10?

3. If I add a SSD, do I need to reinstall the windows? If so, ideapad 330s comes with original windows. what will be the activation after reinstalling? It would be great help if someone provide the full process of the same.


Your help is appreciated with high gratitude. Thanks in advance.

Help with part lookup for 720-15IKB case

I had an issue with my Yoga 720-15IKB keyboard (US), so arranged with the Lenovo warranty program to have a technician come over and fix it. He did the job, but I noticed only afterwards that he put in a upper case cover with a color that didn’t match the computer I had warrantied with Lenovo. I had an Iron Grey (as it says on the order, and on the box) and a silver was put in instead. So; I contacted Lenovo again to see if this could be fixed, since it seemed it should be simple enough. They said okay, but then sent another guy with a silver cover, and then he called in about it, and the third guy came in with silver again, and so he called in, and I’m waiting on another phone call.


The problem seems to be they don’t have a part number for it. I don’t have the original cover anymore so they couldn’t cross-reference it. 


I can’t find it by Google, although I can find PNs to other Iron Grey parts or for other Yoga line laptops. I just did a part number lookup on Lenovo’s site and I don’t even see Iron Grey, just Silver and GM, which I assume is Gunmetal? What’s the difference between Iron Grey and Gunmetal Grey?


At any rate; again, it seems it should be a simple issue to resolve, so if anyone could help me get the part number I need, it would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance !

Pen Works More Reliably While logged into Administrator, Not as my regular account.


I recently bought a Lenovo Flex 6 to replace my drawing tablet. While I love the sleek design, I have already ran into issues in the first 3-4 hours while meddling with the new computer.

My main issue I want to resolve first is that I installed Paint Tool Sai, a drawing application. It works perfectly fine when I’m logged onto the Administrator account. However, if I’m on my gmail account, the pen just freezes and stops working and I have to resort to using the track pad. If I log off and log back in it works fine though.

The other pain I’m dealing with is with the applications that keep ‘reinstalling’ like Candy Crush. I want some of these annoying apps off of the start menu, but they keep re-appearing each time I log off or restart the machine. 

Any guidance would be helpful. Thank you.

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