the above message  ‘USB charging this device’ does nto appear any more once I connect the phone to the computer. I would like to get that notification as I would like to then select the Transfer Files function to move photos from phone to PC. This used to work some days ago. The only thing I did since then was changing the formatting of the SD card from ‘portable’ to ‘internal’. I’ve changed that back again, restarted but the message does not appear. 

(I’m using a slow, Micro SD HC 4 card and I’m getting a UHS card soon but I doubt that solves the problem.)

The phone is Oreo, 8 version. 

Any advice would be welcome. 

Throttling on the P1 Gen 2…. still a problem

Plugged into the AC, not using any such USB-C dock, running Topaz Sharpening AI and max core frequency takes a hit when I don’t think it should? 


Charger portable for lenovo ideapad d330

 is there a portable battery charger for lenovo ideapad d330?
is there a portable battery charger for lenovo ideapad d330? 

P330 SFF CPU cooler upgrade

Hi guys, I just got a brand new P330 SFF version with i9-9900 installed. However, the temperature is pretty high (usually 65C), is there any way to upgrade the CPU cooler?


Lenovo ideapad 110-15ISK 80U00QNRI SSD upgrade

I want to replace the HDD with 240 SSD and put the HDD in caddy. But i stumbled upon max capacity of 128gb SSD with no additional HDD. So can i put 240 SSD and the HDD in caddy? 

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