hello, motherboard replacement by lenovo service. The battery in the charge indicator has not been detected. can you help thanks. 

910-13IKB – disable HotKeys

I have just bought a brand new Lenovo 910-13IKB. I have spent hours trying to find out how to disable the Hotkeys, I am on the latest BIOS and there is no option there. I tried Lenovo Settings – but no option there. I updated to Lenovo Vantage – but no option there either. I use the PF keys a lot and need the feature to make this change. Help – where is it? If I cannot do this, the laptop is useless to me and I’ll be sending it back.



Mod’s Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to it own thread in the correct forum.


Y530 international warranty

Hi, I’m planning to buy Legion Y530 in the US and import it to Russia. I know about the IWS lookup service but I want to clarify something. On that page if you select Y530-15ICH (P/N 81FV0013US) and choose USA as a purchase country it says there’s no warranty in Russia (instead there are countries present such as India and Thailand) but there is if you choose other purchase countries such as Australia which doesn’t make sense because it’s the same exact laptop model. Am I reading that right and it’s an intentional limitation from Lenovo? Or is information on that page incorrect?

Swapping drives on T420

I’m planning to replace my broken T420 with a refurbished one, and swap the hard drives. (I’ll make sure they both have the same OS.) Is it OK to do this, if the old unit is a 420, but the new one is a 420s?


Are there any other pitfalls I need to watch out for? The BIOS’es should be perfectly compatible, right?

g700 cpu upgrade

I would like to upgrade my g700 to an i7 3520m, the board is an hm76 it should be able to handle the chip. My question is are the cpu’s whitelisted, am i restricted to buy only the part number whats in the hmm or will any i7 3520m work ?

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