Drain battry

Battry is too fast draining.jn one day  3 times i charged my lenovo vibe shot

Upgrade PSU and/or NVIDIA GeForce 750Ti on Ideacentre 610s-02ISH MTM: 90FC000WUS



I have the above small Ideacentre 610s and am disappointed in the graphics capabilitites.  I need some direction on how I can upgrade the GPU with something more powerful, and whether it would be necessary to upgrade the power supply.  Is it that the include AC adapter doubles as the power supply as well?  Interestingly, the GeForce 750ti specs indicates that a minimum of 300W is required, but the 610s apparently is limited to 170W using the OEM power supply/AC adapter.


Thoughts are kindly appreciated, and thanked for in advance!



P520c Update System Brand Name in BIOS

My system board was recently replaced by on-site warranty support. The BIOS System Brand ID is blank and thus Lenovo Vantage shows shows blank for Device Name. I need to run AMIDEEFIx64.efi in the AFU directory of my USB UEFI Bios key to correct this. I can boot the key and exit to the shell. I then enter "fs1:" without the quotes as stated in another forum post, then enter DIR command but the AFU directory is not found even though it is on the key. Please help.

P72 is NOT such disappointment so far….

So I was posting before on the lack of a delivery date on the P72 for US sales.  I ordered a preconfigured P72 from Provantage as they had the minimal version I wanted bundled for a reasonable price.  Just received it.   Going to put it back in the box and ship it back. ……..


So what I got was the E-2176M 16Gb Dram, 512gb SSD, P4200, HD display.


My thinking was I would add the extra memory to take the unit up to 64Gb, change out the 512Gb SSD to 2Tb Samsung 970 Pro and put in a Samsung 860 2.5" SSD data drive. 


Problem #1) There are only 2 of the 4 DRAM slots open to user expansion.  If you want 64Gb you MUST order the unit with 32 GB installed which will be on the other 2 slots inside the unit.  Then you can buy 2 more 16Gb for a total of 64Gb.  This also means you will have to crack open the entire case if down the road you want to upgrade to 128Gb because there is no immediate user access to the first 2 Dram sockets.  While I’m sure if I crack open the rest of the case I will see where the other two DRAM sockets are located, I’m hesitent to do so right off the top.


Problem #2) If you were thinking you would buy it without a 2.5" SSD because you would add one later your screwed.  There is no cable or brackets in the box for you to install your drive.  Looking at the parts needed they appear to be HDD CABLE, ICT and HDD CABLE, AMP.  Both are CRU Mandatory.  There does not appear to be any price or availability on the parts so if you don’t buy the unit with the SSD installed it is not clear to me how you can get the necessary cables.  I am going to open a chat with support to see if I can actually purchase the necessary cables to install the drive myself.   UPDATE: So just spent 30 minutes talking to Lenovo support twice and Lenovo Encompass Parts on the phone and the cables in question are no where to be found nor can anyone assure me that I’d be able to purchase them.


Problem #3) Ok I’m new to Lenovo but if you want to reinstall Windows it is not clear how this is done.  (ie, I want to put in my own m2 drive so I need to be able to install windows 10).  I expected to see a OEM serial number for windows on the unit.  There is none.  I read somewhere that the serial number is actually burned into the BIOS.  This is fine but I want to absolutley understand how I go about reinstalling Windows as regardless, my decades long use of Windows tells me doing a clean install is at a minimum, an 18 month ritual if not more frequent.  If someone could shed some light on this I’d appreciate it.


So I’m returning this unit back to Provantage.  I will wait like before so that I can order a 32Gb unit with a minimal 2.5" SSD because if you don’t you will never have the proper cables.  On the plus side the screen is nice.  Unit looks clean.  Keyboard is nice and what I would expect from Lenovo.  A little fan noise but no worse than what my MBP does on occasion.  Just and FYI, Provantage was great.  Gave me an RMA no problem.


UPDATE: I revised my title and updated thanks to the good support of others on this forum.  I’m not returning my unit as the issues I pointed out above have all been resolved.  

vibe k5 note touch screen issue

Mine is a Vibe k5 note which I bought an year and a half ago. Since 1 year , I have noticed a white border like line around the display area of the phone. For the last 2months few of the areas in the screen doesnt seem to respond to  touch actions. And this unresponsive area is growing. I have done factory resets. Still no change. Is there anything I can try before contacting customer service? What could possibly be the cause? Please help, Thanks
Edit: Recently the back button and home button softkeys are also not responding.

Hard to notice from the attached pic, but there is a white line just above the soft keys. Could manage ony that shot.

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