i have a lenovo g40-30 80fy,


After i updated the bios during troubleshooting for a usb issue i am having the laptop shwitches on with a black screen after a few attempts (very random ammounts) of switching of and on it will boot up and i can atleast get into the bios but no hdd detected and if i try to boot from a windows disk or winpe or even linux live cd it starts to load but after it loads the necesery files i get a funky white screen with lines and then it goes nowhere. I have been looking for ways to reflash the bios without the os but i am getting nowhere


o and there was no power outages and the batery was fully charged and i watched it go through the entire update process. when it was done it just gave a black screen and was like that for like 10 min when i desided to turn of and on.

Reinstalling Windows 10 on miix 310?

Dear all, My windows 10 is curropted and want to reinstall Windows 10 by flash USB, I maked my USB Flash bootable by rufus but still I can not boot it when press [PWR]+[VolUP].

How can I resolve this error?

Legion Y520 FPS problems

Hi !

My laptop have fps problems in Assassin’s creed origins even if i use the lowest settings. My friend has the same laptop and he doesn’t have problems by playing the same game, so i don’t undertsand


thank you !

(sorry for my english i’m french but i try to speak english)

A suitable video card and processor for Lenovo AIO 310 20IAP

Hi, I just got a new desktop which has a built in CPU. I was wondering if I can still change the processor and video card? it is the Lenovo AIO 310 20IAP and the specs are 
Processor: Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU J3355 @2.00GHz 
RAM: 4 gig 
System type: 64 bit 
I am not that fluent in terms of computer terms so please bear with me. I just really want to upgrade my processor since the game i’m playing requires at least a good processor. I’m not looking to have the latest, but at least a good one, and also the video card. please help me out. Also, since it has a built-in CPU, would a computer technician be able to open it and add the hardwares? Im really hoping for your reply thank you

Thoughts about Thinkpad P51/P51S VS Macbook Pro – Can they beat the big apple?


I’m a developer looking for a strong and reliable laptop to work with.

I had a VERY bad experience working with the Yoga 900 installed with UBUNTU, over the past 2 years. 

I had and still have lot of lags, freezes (which only restart can help), fan noise, high cpu usage without any reason etc.

In the botton line – I can’t keep working like that.


Therefore, I’m thinking now to buy a certified UBUNTU laptop workstation like the P51/P51S.

I would happy to hear some comments from someone who work everyday with one of them.


Thank you.


*Side Note*

It is worth to mention that I have at work macbook pro which preforms absolutely amazingly. Therefore, I’m asking myself if thinkpad laptop really can give me the reliability and stability of macbooks?






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