Want to ask if the Yoga 370 supports USB-C Alternate DisplayPort. 


I recently got an external monitor (with USB-C connection) and it works with my Samsung Note 9, but somehow does not with my Yoga 370. Are there any drivers which I have failed to install?


Thank you

Lenovo Tab E10 – ethernet/network adapter

I think this is probably a long shot given specs of these, but would love to connect a bunch of these to a switch via network adapters


They only have one micro USB port, and I think that is only for charging… but want to reality check that it is NOT possible to get a working ethernet adapter for these devices.


Anyone like to prove me wrong?




Smart Display started showing this endless spinner in the last 2 days instead of the ambient Photos

My Smart Display started showing this endless spinner in the last 2 days instead of the ambient Photos.


A restart fixes it, but then it happens again.


Anyone else?



Thinkbook 14s-IWL AMD Radeon Question

Hello Everyone,


I just got this laptop and I am quite happy with it.  My only question is about the graphics card.  I can see the AMD radeon in the device manager but when I right click on the desktop, go to display settings, advanced display settings; it looks like the laptop is defaulting to the integrated intel graphics card.  


I am just wondering if this is normal and optimal?  Why wouldn’t the laptop use the Radeon card?


Also if I eventually play a game on this laptop is there a way to default to the Radeon card?


Thanks for the help,



Which RAM configuration on the P53 and P73 leads to the best performance?

Hi, I was told to choose a 16GBx2 RAM configuration for better performance on the X1 Extreme. For the P53 and P73, regardless of the CPU, do they take advantage of dual channel or quad channel?


If I want a total of:


Case1: 32GB

Case2: 64GB


which configuration produces the best performance in each case?

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