Thinkpad e580 after the SSD M.2 nvme installation I get stuck into boot black screen

i installed adata ssd m.2 nvme 480 gb

Told whole new motherboard for broken USB ports – any workaround?

Out of warranty by a couple of months – oh, well.


I have a 2 year old y700-15isk laptop.  There is a USB3 port on the left side which is working OK, but both USB2 ports on the right side have died; one was definitley my fault, the other has been getting grumpy for a while and has stopped altogether now.  I took it to the authorised service/repair place and they said that the USB ports can’t be replaced and I’d have to buy a whole new motherboard.  They got a price and agreed that it is more than the cost of buying a whole new current equivalent Lenovo.


I’m surving on the remaining port with a hub, a little inconvenient but not such a biggie; my fear is that the only remaining one will go and then I’ll be really stuck.


There are a lot of very clever repair people where I live (Thailand, not much gets thrown away if it’s possible to fix up), but I took it to one and he looked at it and referred me back to Lenovo.  I don’t want to waste time trailing around these people and trying to explain the problem if there is no possible way the dual USB2 can be saved. I’m out of warranty so using the back-street repairers which have almost always done good jobs in the past, but I can’t find any that I’ve used previously.


My question here is am I screwed?  If the repair bloke I went to sent me to Lenovo does that mean it truly can’t be fixed or was he being a scardey-cat?


Thnk you in advance for any help, and hopefully good news.

Legion Y730 Keyboard Customization

Not sure how to customize the keyboard layout for the Lenovo Y730 15inch. I just got a new one, and I am trying to get the hang of it. I downloaded Lenovo Nerve Sense. Thought this was the software required for customization, but I might be wrong.

P1m Dim flashlight

My Lenovo p1ma40’s flashlight becomes dim suddenly. 

Don’t know what happened I have changed a touchpad combo of my phone after that flashlight becomes dim. 

Please provide a solution for this. .

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