I am having trouble with the automatic driver update on the lenovo driver page. 

Every time, I try to update "We are encountering some technical issues, please try again" this message shows up.

I could manually update the drivers but it gets annoying. 

Is there any way to fix this?




Recommended / working SSD upgrade for the Yoga 2 Pro?



The stock SSD that came with the laptop has failed and so to planning to get this:


Samsung 860 EVO 500GB mSATA Internal SSD (MZ-M6E500BW)


Have been reading this forum regarding this and found that people have tried to install a 1TB SSD and the BIOS didn’t recognize it.


Just wondering if anyone would happen to know if this 500GB SSD would work with this laptop.


Would appreciate any thoughts / insights regarding this. Thank you. :smileyhappy:

My Lenovo 210s Wont turn on

So I’ve had this laptop for less than a week and I use it VERY VERY lightly I use it exclusively for recording vocals in maybe 30 minute intervals every day MAX so I was very disappointed to find out that when I tried starting the laptop up by pressing the power button there was no response at all.


I’m not getting any flashing lights any noises at all from my laptop, I cant remove the battery because its built into the machine and the screws are CRAZY small so I didnt try it as to not strip them, I tried unplugging the charger, holding the power button for x amount of seconds plugging it back in and trying the power button again, I pressed the novo button and I’m getting absolutely no response at all from any of these methods. Please help I need this laptop. Thanks

P710 with TPM2.0: PCR7 support is broken; required to work by Microsoft

I just updated my P710’s TPM from 1.2 to 2.0 earlier today. (The instructions are horrendous, by the way – it requires you to boot to an EFI shell, but it doesn’t provide the required EFI file in the download, nor does it say where to get it. For anyone who got stuck and stumbled uppon this, among other places, you can find it in the EFI shell version of some Lenovo BIOS updates.)


Post-update, everything seems to be working on the surface, and tpm.msc says "The TPM is ready for use." Unfortunately, if I go to System Information, I find this:


PCR7 Configuration: Binding Not Possible


and if I go to Applications and Services Logs => Microsoft => Windows => BitLocker-API => Management, I find this logged repeatedly:


BitLocker cannot use Secure Boot for integrity because the expected TCG Log entry for the OS Loader Authority is invalid.
The EFI_SIGNATURE_DATA structure contained in the OS authority event could not be found in the Secure Boot ‘db’ signature database.

Machines with a TPM 2.0 are required by Microsoft to have PCR7 support, and the TPM update has been out for over a year now. Is this something Lenovo will be fixing in a future BIOS update? I’m already running the latest version (S01KT61A). Thanks.


EDIT: Forgot to mention this is Windows 10 1809, fully-patched.


Inaccurate scratchpad

Hi all,


I’ve been having difficulties writing accurately on certain perimeters of the scratch pad. I’ve noticed there is a perimeter about 2cm from the edge are malfunctioning. When i draw a line over it, there seems to be a kink and it would want to go horizontal or vertical rather the curve or letter I want it to print. 


I have marked the approximate lines that are effected when the pen passes over it in the picture below. Has anyone experienced something similar? is there a fix? 


Thank you!


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