X301 near-bricked :(



I recently grabed a X301 which was working fine. However, I learned that the SSD (a 1.8" 128GB from Samsung) was not supporting the TRIM : I first tried to update the SSD firmware with a version that supports the TRIM, by using the Samsung tool for that (that is Maindiag.exe, from a bootable USB drive with FreeDos), but without success. Then I decided to erase completely the SSD, still with Maindiag.exe, in order to restart with a fresh SSD that I could partition to 100GB, leaving 28GB for the overprovisioning (which is apparently a good thing to do if no TRIM can be used).


The erase with Maindiag apparently went OK, although it was surprinsingly fast (2 seconds to erase 128GB…?). But then things have gone ugly…


– When I power on the X301, the LEDs are blinking and the CD drive is operating during a few seconds, as usual
– Nothing more happens during about 10 minutes (!), and the screen remains blank
– After 10mn some text if briefly displayed (2 seconds before it goes). I could take a photo and I can read :
"tpm tpm0: A TPM error (28) occurred continue selftest"
"tpm tpm0: TPM self test failed"


During all this sequence there’s no opportunity at all to enter the BIOS… The usual startup screen with "To interrupt [the normal sequence ? don’t remember exactly] press the ThinkVantage blue button" never shows up.


After that it depends on the presence of a bootable USB drive :

– without any bootable USB drive, I end up with a screen telling me that no operating system has been found, which confirms that the SSD has undergone some erasement… https://prnt.sc/mbf0zp

– With a Linux (Ubuntu) live USB drive, the X301 normally boots on it. However, the internal SSD is not visible at all, and if I try installing Ubuntu the SSD does not appear in the list of available drives.

– With the FreeDos USB drive, the X301 also normally boots on it. And Maindiag detects the SSD.

I don’t know what happened to the SSD, maybe I’ve bricked it, but actually I don’t really mind… What really worries me is what happened to the X301, and is it recoverable ?


Note that the X301 behaves the same (10mn before booting on a USB drive, no access to BIOS) even if I unplug the SSD.


Any help would be highly appreciated !

Screens flickering with Thunderbolt 3 Dock

At the office we have many problems with flickering screens using a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 20KG and Thunderbolt 3 Docks.

We use Windows 10, dualscreens screens (also Lenovo). We have tried many things already, like updating Windows, installing new BIOS/firmware (laptop and dock), tried longer USB-c kabel, but nothing worked.

We also had this problem before with older Thinkpad X1s and ProDocks. Those problems were eventually solved by installing a new firmware for the dock and BIOS for the laptop, but at the moment there is no solution.


Also, i feel like none of the Lenovo support replies take this issue serious, as you can find thousands of simular problems, dating back many years!

Disgusting company! No machine delivered and no refund. Staff lie to avoid solving issues!

I ordered a laptop in late December 2018 – it never arrived-apparently it was delivered to someone else!  I cancelled the order immediately and requested a refund.  No money appeared in my account ($1200 due) so I called customer service who told me the refund had been processed, gave me a reference number and stated that I should call my bank as it was their fault. 

When I contacted the bank, no refund had been made. 

I contacted Lenovo again whose customer service consultant now stated that the refund hadn’t been approved yet?!?!  No explanation for the lie I was told about it being in the bank……I left it for a week and then got an update stating that the last thing that was required was approval but the manager responsible was in a meeting. (Still no response about the refund lie…..and surprise surprise no refund.) 

Bear in mind….I didn’t recieve any goods so I’ve paid $1200 for a month of fresh air. 

Tonight I receive an email stating that the approval had been reached however the laptop still had to return to a warehouse!! So much for the ‘last thing that was needed was approval’

….so I have no machine, no refund, have had to beg for approval from a company that have failed in delivering goods in epic proportions and I still have to listen to outright lies while I wait until a machine that was never delivered to me arrives in a warehouse somewhere.  What a horrendous company and customer service. Avoid at all costs!

Y520 FRU list? Ram upgrade.

Hi there.


I have a Y520-15IKBN with 4gb od ddr$ 2400Mhz ram. I want to add another 8GB stick so I will have 12GB total.

Can some1 tell me where can I find a fru or compatible ram list? 


Thank you.

Lenovo 930-8i – Firmware failed during update (power outage) Need help please

I have a lenovo 930-8i but I have a problem where I decided to perform a firmware update and unfortunatly for me I expereinced a loss of power during the update & I suspect I have managed to brick the card. 🙁


Interestingly, the controller will still show its splash screen when I turn on my computer, but it then tries to initilize the FW but it takes a very long time, and eventually it displays the a message like "Card FW not found raid bios not installed" and then it continues… 


I have attempted to use StorCLI from a win PE envirmoment to reflash the FW, but it doesnt list the adapter when I use the "show" command, so I am stuck, It also doesnt appear in MSM whereas it did previously. 


I suppose what I am looking for is a way to "recover" this controller, or a way to flash the firmware again if at all possible and get it working. Id like to avoid an RMA process if possible. Hopefully there exists a way to recover it.


(Please note, I am not using this on a Lenovo branded computer, I configured my array using StorCLI from bootable media)

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