Dear Lenovo forum,


after less than one week of use, today I entered the BIOS to modify the "Thunderbolt BIOS Assist Mode", also to disable the "Trackpoint" as both of them are required to use Linux effectively in this laptop [so it seems].


After doing that, the laptop is now stuck on a blank screen, no bleeps or anything. I can shut it down, then the black screen comes, it is not possible to access any meny as the screen just remains black. Keys and leds do work, also pressing F1 after boot makes the laptop bleep.


I have tried using the reset pin, the laptop shut down but no change. What’s the next step to proceed.


Best regards, E.


p.s: This is a X1 Yoga 3rd gen i7 8650U + 16GiB.


Given the price of this laptop, the large number of issues including in my case, bad sleep support (missing S3), pen stuck inside case requiring a support call, bad behavior of trackpad and fingerprint reader on suspend, etc… it is fairly disheartening.


I wonder if MS convinced you to make such a mess in order to sell more Surfaces, I dunno, but the experience was not good and a lot of valuable work time has been lost in what it is a top professional laptop == that’s a no go.

Y720 sent in for repair

Is there an other # to call to find out what is going on with this laptop? I call the # listed and they keep giving me the run around (like they don’t know what is going on). I was told be tech support to send it back, do to the problums i was having with it, so I did! I was told it would be  5 day turn around, will its going on 3 weeks now and still no answers what is going on with it and I’m not happy at all with Lenovo and there tech support, will not buy anymore from them. Is there anybody out there that might know who or where I can call? I would rather get a refund and go somewhere else to buy a laptop.



Help find longer AC Adapter for Ideapad 320 or other suggestions please

Does anyone know where I may purchase a longer AC adapter for the Ideapad 320? If not, are there any other options for getting a longer cord? Thanks

ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd Gen Arrow Keys Falling Off

I could feel that the arrow keys on my machine were a little wobbly from the beginning, but now both of them pop out very easily.  I’ve inspected the black key cap itself, as well as the white plastic clips on the mounting bracket that the key cap attaches to. There doesn’t appear to be damage to either part, but the keys won’t stay firmly in place. Tried carefully reattaching it according to guides from laptopreplacement key,  but to no avail.  Wondering if others have had this issue and how it was resolved. Laptop is 5 months old and gently used. Bought the machine in the U.S., but working is South Korea currently, so not sure how difficult getting warranty service will be here or if it’s possible.

Problem with power

My lenovo y520 was working and i was playing fifa 18, but i feel the game is slow , so i close the game and i shutdown the laptop , after that when i press the power button to run the laptop he didn’t work and i didn’t appear any thing and the laptop power light didn’t apper any thing .. any one can help me …

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