I bought a Yoga 730 13 a while ago. It came with a 256gb NVME SSD. Now I’m planning on upgrading it with a bigger SSD. For that, I need to open up my laptop, remove the stock SSD and replace it with a new one. Will my warranty be void if I did this?

Thanks for every reply

Two external monitors

Hello, can I connect two external monitors to the new Yoga with ice lake CPU like C940-14IIL? How? Thank you!


I have an idea pad 500-15ACZ and I need to clean dust out of the fan, but I don’t have any compressed air or anything, so I was wandering if it is possible to take the bottom panel of my laptop off the clean out the dust.

Yoga 730 Bluetooth Issues

I am having troubles with choppy audio from bluetooth headphones.  The audio crackles quite a bit, and sometimes will cut out entirely.  I am specifically using Apple Airpods.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Lenovo L340 Hotkeys Not Working

Hello, I reinstalled Windows 10 64 bits on my Lenovo L340 gaming and the hotkeys from f7 onwards are not working… any ideas on how to solve this?

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