The other week, I finally took my T25 with me on a long trip, and found the battery life to be super short. About 2 and a bit hours on my usual sitting at the desk settings, and even cranking things down to maximum battery only got me to about 4 and a bit hours. Also charging with standard USB adaptors is almost negligible, you need to have the high output USBs.


Is this in line with everyone else? Do I need to get that big external battery?

ideapad 720S 13" 2500u 2700u ryzen power limit problem

720s 2500u review

720s 2700u review


I am considering purchasing this new Raven Ridge laptop. However, in my review of the coolenjoy(korean hardware community), compare to hp envy x360 2500u 720s does not seem to have the correct graphics score. For the first link 2500u product, 1498 gs score. The second 2700u is surprisingly only 908 points. According to the first link opinion, cpu seems to have a power limit of 9w and gpu has a power limit of 6w. so total power limit 15w. not 25w. Do you know about this?

Lenovo Yoga 520 + Linux on board

Lenovo Yoga 520 + Linux on board

Hi everyone!

I am making aproach to buy Lenovo Yoga 520 with SSD drive. However I found (empirically) that installing Linux on 720 is pain. How things are on 520? Am I going to run into troubles?

Linux is the main system I’m working on and I cannot buy computer that will not be sufficient enviroment for it. I am going to run Arch Linux in UEFI mode

Any tips or experiences? Thanks

Lenovo Y520 Serial Number


I have Lenovo Y520 15IKBN, suddenly the laptop turned into a black screen and it was under warranty and they changed the motherboard.

Since then the serial number is invalid, I cannot update by Lenovo update and there is no backup with Novo key.

I sent it the warranty again and they told me the laptop is ok!!!!!!!, Although I have explained the problems in detail.


I need to know what I should do now???

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